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Hi jc1207,

I'm a healthy and active 39-year-old and just recently had my first physical in 12-years. As in your case everything in my CBC came back normal except my platelets, which are at 1 million. I have no idea how long it's been that high, but it seems to be stable for now and I have no symptoms, other than I notice I small bruises more easily now, but I think it's just because I'm looking for it more and therefore notice it more. My initial trip to the doctor was actually for an overuse injury in my shoulder from biking.

My count is at a million, so I'm not close to where you are, but I don't plan on making any lifestyle changes other than changes that may help bring my platelet count down naturally, at least in the short-term. My doctor as recommended starting Hydrea, but I'm convincing her to get me a couple of months to see what I can do on my own in reducing my count, though better diet, fruits, vegetables, exercise, etc. If I can't do it then I'll consider Hydrea as a last resort.

As far a Hydrea causing Leukemia; From what my doctor told me, untreated ET (high platelet counts for no known reason) has a much better chance for turing into Leukemia than Hydea causing Leukemia, but the chances of either of them turing into Leukemia are very low anyway.

That being said, if I can find a way to avoid pharmies I'll do it. But my 1 million is pretty borderline (right now), so I'm not sure how this relates to your count.

I'm seeing a a Docotor I really like at Northwestern (Chicago) at the Hematology Oncology Assoc. of Illinois named Dr. Regina Stein. I really like her and she's straight up about everything. I think she's going to push for me to use Hydrea for a couple months, but I'm going to need to push back on that for a little while I think. I see you're in Boston, and there are a lot of great medical facilities there, but if you can travel and you want a second opinion maybe she's an option. In the short time I've known her she seems knowledgeable and has a great way of approaching things and explaining them to me. I think she's currently caring for about 50 ET patients. There's also an awesome Hematologist/Oncologist in Atlanta named Perry Ballard at Piedmont Hospital. My Mom saw him when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago (and she's now two years cancer free!)

I just had my bone marrow biopsy today and it was a piece of cake. I was pretty anxious about it, up to the point where I was about to be a no-show at the last minute. Then my Dr. called in some Ativan and that chilled me out a little. But it was all in my mind, because the procedure was virtually painless. A little pressure, a pinch for a couple of seconds and that was it. Needless to say I was very relieved given the horror stories I had read on the net. I'm now hoping my results rules out CML, which seems likely that it will be ruled out.

Anyway, I won't making any lifestyle changes unless they are changes that can reduce my platelet count. I bike all over the streets of Chicago, fast as hell for hours a a time, I went to Costa Rica two years ago and did zip lining, rafting, hiking and everything else and I'm going to Peru this year. Quitting those things won't reduce my platelet count. But, good eating and living a healthy lifestyle can definitely help and not hurt.

Bottom line is, take precautions based on educating yourself on your own or through doctors you trust, but never make a decision out of fear.

-Scott (< edited >)

-When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. --Hunter S. Thompson

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