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Hoping for some help on what may be wrong with me, but not even sure what board to post in. Here's my story:

About 9 months ago, started having throat problems. Would feel sick at least once or twice month, always with a sore throat. Even when not feeling sick, my throat just feels off. Lymph nodes in my neck always somewhat swollen. Also notice swollen lymph nodes below armpits some times. I used to sing, but can't sing high notes since this started. Referred to ENT, told it was likely acid reflux. Prilosec did nothing. Change of diet did nothing.

9/23/11 blood test -- high calcium (10.7), high LDL cholesterol (177). Doc only talked about the cholesterol, we agreed to get it down with diet and skip the drugs [I was a good boy with food and exercise and LDL was down to 142 at last test]

As the months went by, I continued to get sick frequently. Throat/neck always seems off and swollen. I feel more and more out of it mentally. Very difficult to concentrate at work. Feeling more and more depressed.

Last week, on 5/29/12, I look at the back of my hands and they are covered in a rash. Look down at my legs and they are covered in red spots (later learned they are petechiae -- under the skin, no itch, no blanche when pressed). I would estimate at least 100 red spots on my legs.

I go to the ER the next day (5/30/12) and they do blood tests. Results: everything fine with the CBC test [WBC (8.2), RBC (4.79), PLTC (267), etc.]; some high liver enzymes [ALP (107), AST (83), ALT (41 - normal)]; and high calcium (10.8). ER doc says he is surprised that the platelet count is normal and was sure it was going to be low when he saw my legs. He says he spoke with a colleague and they were "stumped" as to what was wrong, but maybe it was just some virus passing through. He didn't say anything about the elevated calcium and liver enzymes. Told me to go home and come back if things get worse, and to schedule an appointment with my regular doctor if the petechiae don't go away in 3 days.

Petechia stayed the same on my legs so I went to my regular doc on 6/1/12. Doc gets the bloodwork from the ER and says she is a bit concerned about the AST and ALP levels, sends me to get another round of bloodwork (no results yet) and an ultrasound of my liver (scheduled for Friday). Doc says nothing about the high calcium.

Even though none of the docs talked about the calcium, I did a bit of research today and saw that even slighly elevated calcium could be indicative of certain health problems. Thought I'd post here to see if anyone as some guesses as to what may be wrong with me.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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