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hello, recently I've been diagnosed with a lot of back problems including a L4-L5 herniated disk. I developed anxiety and have been struggling with it for thee months and it tends to cause all kinds of symptoms. Anyways I'm concerned that i might have a blood clot. my right thigh about a week ago would no stop twitching!!! it went on for over an hour in the middle of the night since then it spasms all the way down to my calf and i have heaviness and soreness from the outer thigh to my knee, down the back of my knee and back of calf. sometimes i feel heat sensations. my orthopedic and regular doctor dismissed it as symptoms of my nerves with sciatica as a result of my back, and i even went to the ER where i was examine and the nurse felt i showed no symptoms of a clot and sent me home with pain meds. Today was the worst, my leg pain has gotten better but I felt a "ball" or wave of heat shoot up my leg from the same thigh and it gave mild anxiety attack the sensation was not painful though. Im at a loss on what to do!!!! I'm afraid i might have a clot and that its moving to another location but i don't have any chest pains or symptoms of an embolism. does anyone know what a blood clot feels like when it moves? its bad enough i have anxiety!! can anyone give me more information?? I'm frustrated with these doctors dismissing my symptoms!!!!!

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