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I am 62 and have Fibromyalgia, but walk 2 mi daily. I went to this site and found a link to my symptom re: warm flush feeling in my left leg. I was so relieved to read about this symptom in other women, young and not so young. All healthy. I have a very warm rush (flush feeling) in just my left leg, and it started behind the knee and has spread to the back of the calf. I am very familiar w/ DVT (deep vein thrombosis) because my husband had a blood clot after knee surgery. I was worried about a vascular problem, but did not panic because my skin is not warm to the touch, no redness, and no tenderness. However, it was beginning to worry me. It occurs several times per hour, and there is no apparent movement or posture which triggers it. It happens very randomly. Nerve damage makes sense. (info shared by others on this site who have sought professional medical consult). I had foot surgery a few years ago on the left side, and Fibromyalgia patients are well known for having very sensitive nerve endings. I also have lower back pain, and I started a more vigorous walking program a few months ago. I will not seek medical help at this time. I am following the lead of others on this site. Wait and watch with no panic. I may try the anti-inflammatory OTC (Advil or such) just to see if symptoms abate. It is not painful. If it worsens or interrupts sleep, I will surely see my doctor. The information on this site has given me much peace of mind as I relate to the comments of others who have this symptom. I also occasionally have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), and don't know if there is any correlation with this nervous disorder. Thank you for this site.

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