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oh thank- you suisse85 for replying on my message. In reply of your question, I was having chronic Migraines, high blood pressure, not sure about clots I have a couple of small clots in my left leg, but I don't think that was the problem, I have always suffered from headaches off and on through the years. A couple of Years ago I suffered from a huge Migraine, I was so bad I was spewed, and My poor head felt like it was in this very tight headband, and it was squeezing my head, honestly if you turned me head first to the floor, and drilled a hole it would of felt better, it was so horrible, it lasted for a long time, then I wake up every morning like bad hangover, lucky for me I don't drink. My GP sent me to do brain scan, that came back fine, but he did send to neurologist and he had written to my doctor Chronic daily migraines, with or without Aura, due to Medication over use. that all I really knew. and few month went by(in between that we had major earthquakes)My GP was Upping my Bp Meds and wasn't improving, by that stage he had done blood count, and that came back, showing that I had to many red blood cell and to much Iron. So he sent me to Haematology, and they done Bone Marrow Biopsy, JaK2 unmutated, 2 venesection, and see him again in December. The Haematogist tried to explained that the Blepharospasm was contraction of the eye muscle, and that they injected Botox, I looked up on the IT and dont really like the idea of it, its apparently it called Benign Essential Blepharospasm, that it is essentially a focal dystonia, what ever that really means I have no idea. well thanks again for your reply. I hope you have a good day any way cheers Debbie

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