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Hi. I was recently diagnosed with a blood clot. The ER doctor examined my leg(the pain subsided when I got to the ER) there was no swelling or tenderness. No pain when applied pressure, no pain when I would point my toes. I had a doppler scan ordered, because I was nervous about a blood clot causing the pain that started at my toes and went up to my knee. He did X rays and found I had excessive fluid around my knee cap. Through ultrasound the tech also found a very small clot, directly behind my knee cap. I was given a shot of lovanox, some coumadin and sent home to start coumadin treatment. Should I get a second opinion? The technician doing my ultrasound was just getting off a 16 hr shift. I just hate this coumadin. My limbs hurt, and my hair is falling out. I'm only 22!

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