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So, my girlfriend has a lump in her right boob. Doctors looked into it, and it's not cancer. They believe it to be due to internal bleeding that happened for a very brief period of time. Seeing it as a non-issue, they refuse to drain it. This effects my girlfriend's mood. Every time she feels the lump, it saddens her. She's bipolar, so something on her body that saddens her is not really a good idea.

So... More information... We do bdsm stuff. Her body happens to heal pretty quickly, and usually the only result of our play is temporary bruises, scratches or dots that vanish. We are not certain of this, but it could be possible that I caused that lump. I want to be sure that I minimize the risk of doing so again in the future through a better understanding of how blood works & such.

One of the types of play we enjoy is called "needle play". This involves the use of sterile medical needles. I make sure not to go anywhere near an artery with them. I have ethanol, gauze, medical tape, sharps container, etc... I've taken several classes in safety & technique for this. One class was taught by a doctor, the other by a tattoo artist.

If I caused it, then the needle was either 25 or 22 gauge, 1.5 inches long. I poked the needle into her breast at an angle, so the point would stay near the skin, but go deep enough that bleeding is possible. The play in question had 14 25-gauge needles & 11 22-gauge needles in that breast, 11 20-gauge & 12 18-gauge needles in the other. (I can provide a picture we took of the result, it's quite pretty, but it's very nsfw.) This is neither the first nor the last time she's been poked with needles & would be the only time that they've created a lump.

My method for poking needles, at the time, was to poke them in, point down, on a count of 3. I would leave the tip buried inside the breast.

My method after the lump was discovered changed. Thinking that the pointy tip being inside may have made the cut that caused the bleeding, I now started to poke the other end of the needles back out the other side. To poke it back out, I press the needle's cap against the skin just past where I wish the needle to exit to provide the resistance. I have also moved my play to her thighs (the lump makes it too sad for her to have her boobs poked anymore). I do not go anywhere near the inner thigh, as I know the femoral artery is there. (I can provide pictures of this as well, if you wish. Again, they would be nsfw.)

I want to know if my change in technique would help us minimize the risk of this lump thing happening again. If there's any other feedback regarding minimizing this risk, I'd love to hear it. (With the exception of not doing this at all... We are both very turned on by the blood, I don't yet feel quite ready for sterile scalpels*, and I'd never use something non-sterile to purposely break skin.)

I love her and want to keep her healthy & safe, even when pain exchange is involved. As her top, it's my responsibility to ensure our play is as safe as it can possibly be, & I'm taking that responsibility seriously.

*Low artistic ability mainly... If something does manage to scar on her, I want it to at least look pretty, not be a half-arsed cut by someone who can't draw. The first scalpel I use when I am ready will be used on an orange so I can get a feel for how it handles and understand well enough how sharp it really is so I don't push it deeply into her. I don't want to cut her below the surface. I know you're not supposed to press, the weight of the scalpel alone should be enough to cut, from what I hear, but I need to feel that to really understand it, hence the orange.

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