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Wow! Thank you very much for the thorough reply. I am so happy to have so many suggestions. I will certainly see if I am able to run through those tests that you indicated with my doctor.

Do you know if celiac or lupus can take some time to properly show up in tests? About 7 years ago I got a full colonoscopy done and they said it should have picked up celiac. The doctors seem hesitant to redo this procedure again but I'm concerned that perhaps things might have been missed or it may take time to show up properly???

I believe they also tested me for lupus/rheumatoid arthritis during that time 7 years ago due to joint pain, which also came back negative - again, would this maybe be false negative in early stages?

Recently one of the dr's suggested pernicious anemia. They told me to take sublingual B12 which rapidly increased my b12 levels from borderline to VERY high so they now said it was unlikely to be pernicious anemia. Can you have pernicious anemia and still have success with b12 supplementation, or is this correct that it is unlikely due to success of supplementation?

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