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There are several things that can cause low WBC, so a little more info would be helpful. How do you feel in general? Any symptoms of illness? Do you have any viral infection currently? Autoimmune disease? Are you on any meds? (Low WBC can be a side effect). We can be more helpful if you can tell us a little more. Welcome to the boards!
Sneaker, I would wonder if the rash is from sun exposure, since it sounds like you are outdoors a lot. The sun can cause a photosensitivity rash only on sun exposed areas. This could be related to the low WBC in that photosensitivity rashes are common in lupus, and occur particularly early in the season on areas normally covered up during the winter. If you can see it, try to take a picture of it. Be sure also to show it to the hematologist when you go there, and please make sure they run appropriate tests for ruling out lupus. In the meantime, I would use sunscreen generously and not rely just on that. I would cover your neck with a scarf or turtleneck to prevent further sun exposure, and wear long sleeves, long pants, and a wide brimmed hat for your face. If the rash itches, an antihistamine usually helps, but it could last several days. Getting a picture will document it for future visits if you see a rheumatologist and the rash is gone. Keep us posted and best wishes.

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