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The level of 3.8 isn't too concerning, but 1.4 is quite low, and there has to be some explanation. Do you know which type of WBC is lacking? Are you on any medications that can cause agranulocytosis? It seems at this level you might be seriously prone to a serious infection. What is your hematologist saying? If you have a copy of your CBC result, you could post the results for comment. The explanation of the WBC's being close to the walls of the veins makes no sense. There is a test called a cell flow cytometry that uses light waves to sort and separate types of cells for better diagnosis. Have you had that? There are medications like Neupogen that can stimulate WBC formation, but someone needs to figure out what is going on first. If your current hematologist has hit a dead end with you, I would see another one ASAP.
Yon, the Lipitor you take could be causing this, as there are reports of neutropenia (low neutrophils or granulocytes) in people on this drug. I would talk to your physician about going off the drug, and if WBC hasn't improved significantly in a month or two, I think you should have a blood test called a cell flow cytometry, done by your hematologist. You are lacking the type of WBC that protects against bacterial infections, and this can be serious. Your levels are pretty low and I think this presents a risk to you and the cause needs to be addressed. Immune conditions such as lupus can cause low WBC, but usually lower the lymphs, not the neutrophils, and don't lower the WBC this much.

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