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... Hi all, and greetings from Thailand. My wife, a 30 year old Thai woman and wonderful cook, has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. She often feels weak and dizzy during the day. Her blood count shows low values for many items: Hemoglobin: 11.5 g/dl (11 - 16) Hematocrit: 34% (32 - 42) White Blood Cells: 4,800 cells/ul (5,000 - 10,000) Neutrophils: 60%... (0 replies)
... I am not familar with blood plalet counts, but I do know that the white blood cells do play a roll in leukimia. What was the white blood count? ... (1 replies)
... differential it showed neurtrophilia with a left shift which can often be a red flag so i have read. They are not too worried though and I myself am having other blood tests too. I have also high platelets and clotting is out. Seems like you have good faith in your doc. ... (95 replies)

... t white blood count went from 19,000 to 17,000 but is still considered high and although my differential is fine and show no signs of leukemia being that my high count is so high he sent me for more blood work to check for any abnormal white blood cells or cells that might indicate inflammation somewhere in my body? ... (95 replies)
... thyroid problems but abnormal for neutrophils, red blood count and lymphocytes. I don't have the actual numbers so I don't know whether they were lower or higher than expected. ... (1 replies)
... Oh Brenda, I am so glad that you are OK and that they are still keeping an eye on you too. I have thought about you often and wondered when you would be receiving the results. So its the meds then that they say are keeping them out of sorts. Thats a huge relief to you to know they can do this and I bet you will not worry too much also as they are still keeping checks. I have... (95 replies)
... lithium and my white blood count continues to be high at 14,000 last taken. ... (95 replies)
... Hi Brenda, so sorry not been on here for a while. Glad you are doing OK. I do read the threads but have not logged in for a while. How strange you having colonoscopies as well. I have them too every 3 years (may be 5 years now though) but thankfully have not had any polyps yet. We have a family history so best to get anything gone before they have time to develop. Not nice... (95 replies)
... since I Have anxiety disorder makes it worse but I Got my blood taken and my white blood cell count was 13,000 which is the lowest its been in the last year! ... (95 replies)
... I meant to post my abnormal blood test results from March. ... (198 replies)
... doing a CT of the abdomen and doing prolonged blood cultures as well as an echocardiogram for the third one. ... (2 replies)
... ody nose yesterday, and by this morning she was bruising rather badly. After searching the symptoms online we took her to the Dr. right away. Two hours and two blood draws later it was determined her platelet count was low. White and Red count are fine and as of now there are no abnormal cells. ... (30 replies)
... Thanks Jill, I've had the blood test repeated a week after the first one. My gastro dr ordered it because he saw how much anxiety I had. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, A palpitation just means an 'abnormal perception of your heartbeat' so it is likely that you are experiencing them. However there are many kinds of palpitations and they can present in different ways. Some kinds of palpitations are 'paroxysmal' (coming and going) and thus you could have a conduction problem that wasn't picked up on the EKG you had. The fact that... (1 replies)
... I stumbled onto Healthboards while trying to find some information on my recent blood count. I am not finding much, so I was hoping someone here could shed a little light on it for me. ... (0 replies)
... We took our 5 year old son in for blood work because he bruised so badly. He looked like someone beat him and he had bags under his eyes loved to take naps and was generally tired and laid around. ... (1 replies)
... We took our 5 year old son in for blood work because he bruised so badly. He looked like someone beat him and he had bags under his eyes loved to take naps and was generally tired and laid around. ... (1 replies)
... Here is a site that can explain what the platelet count test is done for. ... (1 replies)
... So, a couple months ago I went to the doctor because I was sick for a couple weeks and wanted to know if I had pneumonia or something. They did a blood count and found that my white blood cell count was 7.1, my red was 3.44, my hemoglobin was 11.1, my platelets were 139 and my absolute lymphocytes was .7. ... (2 replies)
... I'm new to this board and I have been reading all the blood related threads with extreme interest. I'm having some problems with my joints and blood. First I need to give a little background on my problems. ... (16 replies)

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