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... Hi Tori! My name is Randy and I'm 60 years young and have been PV for going on ten years (diagnosed). I had sytoms very similar to yours dating back to 1994.I had a red face, on & off chest pain,anxiety,fingers & toes tingling,sleeplessness,and an irratating itch in my arms & legs;especially after a hot show.And the shower itch was what led to my diagnosis in 2000.I visited my... (102 replies)
... btw, did you start experiencing the symptoms after reading about Polycythemia on the internet. Just wondering, because anxiety can do funny things. ... (9 replies)
... Hi! My name is Randy (w/PV) and soon to be 63 yrs old.I have had PV going on 15 years.I usually eat what I have always eaten.U do need to stay away from anything that has a lot of iron in it;because that builds red blood cells.U can't do the multi-vitamans because most all of them have iron in them.I eat red meat once to twice a week.I take 3 mg anagrilyde a day and two 81 mg... (1 replies)

... t typically eat a ton of red meat but I want to do whatever I can to prevent this fatigue and dizziness that I'm feeling so I'm wondering what other people with Polycythemia eat to help with those symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, my name is Randall and I was diagnosed with polycythemia in 2000 (total blood cell count over one million) and had symptoms dating back to 1994. It started with itching on the inside of my lower arms, itching from my knees to my ankles (terrible itch for about 45 minutes) after hot shower, red in the face like a sun burn, tightness across my chess and pain behind my breast... (24 replies)
... My husband is in the process of being diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera. He also has Hemophila B. Are there any others out there dealing with these two disorders? ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I am a 55 year old woman and have Polycythemia Vera. I was diagnosed 4 years ago from a complete blood test but I think I've had it for over 10 years. ... (17 replies)
... i've had Polycythemia Vera for about 2 years and had have about l0 phlebotomies. It sounds terribly scary when you first first find out. ... (10 replies)
... to accept it now i suppose but wanted to say I really thank you with all my heart for being there and helping me through my anxieties. I like Bren do suffer with anxiety and all this has not helped but you do such a great job you deserve a medal. ... (102 replies)
... Hi!My name is Randy and I was diagnosed with PV in 2000.My first symptoms were red face,blood shot eyes,itching in the lower legs after hot shower,itching on arms and legs,anxiety,and extreme fatigue.My treatment started with phlebotomies and meds (hydroxurea & anagrilide). I am now 64 yrs old and take one and one half mg of anagrilde,two 81 mg aspirin,3mg xanax and 50 mg... (8 replies)
... Hi! My name is Randy and I have been being treated for Primary PV for 12 years now.My symptoms started around 1994;but,didn't really know what was wrong with me until I was diagnosed by bone marrow test in 2000.My symptoms were red face,very annoying itch from knees to ankles after a hot shower (usually lasted about 45 min.),lots of anxiety,tightness across the chest.I spent a... (9 replies)
... Hi Randy, Thank you for writing me back. My mom also thinks I may have had symptoms for 2 yrs prior. I experience the itching and the burning too after showers, mostly my legs. I have excema that flares up occasionally but the random itching started about 1 1/2 yrs before my diagnosis. I would get out of the shower to burning, itching skin and not have a break out of... (102 replies)
... Hey GUy's, sounds like all of U R doing a great job keep this post going. I really enjoy hearing from all of U. Laura hang in there!! Like Karen and Megan are telling U this blood stuff is complictated and takes time. I know U have a lot of anxiety; but, hang in there GAL!!!!! Hi Karen & Megan! God Bless & Best WIshes to All!:wave: Randy;) (102 replies)
... Hi Laura! I think u may need to change doctors. THe bone marrow biopsy is not painful! They do numb the area where the biopsy will be extracted;but, the only thing U will feel is some pressure on your lower back. They take the biopsy out of the big bone just above UR hip. I don't let them use the big needle on me any longer. In 1995 a nurse pushed the big needle all the way... (102 replies)
... Hi Megan. I can certainly empathize with your miss fortune. I was diagnosed with PV in 2000. I started getting sytoms as far back as 1994 and by december of 1997 I thought I was going to die. I was in the hospital twice thinking I was having a heart attack! The doctor said there was no problem with my heart. My face was red like a STOP sign and itching in my arms and legs. The... (102 replies)
... Hi Bren, I found out about the polycythemia after an anual check up with the family doctor. ... (95 replies)
... Hey Guys! Hi ! Polycythemia is actually a bone marrow disorder. The bone marrow produces too many blood cells and also deformed blood cells. ... (95 replies)
... Also TO THE OTHER POST ON HERE you too I Know how you feel The anxiety can drive you crazy! just wondering.Did you go to a hemotologist and what did you find out? ... (95 replies)
... Also pottsey you too I Know how you feel The anxiety can drive you crazy! just wondering.Did you go to a hemotologist and what did you find out? ... (95 replies)
... ve good insurance lol But let me know how you make out as well. Its nice to have someone to talk well chat he to about thats going through the same thing. Whats polycythemia vera? ... (95 replies)

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