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... My original platelet count at diagnosis was 1543000, and like you, I was completely asymptomatic. I am currently taking Interferon three times a week as well as an aspirin every day. ... (28 replies)
... and my platlets continue to rise. Last week I was put on hydroxyrea as my blood specialist told me that the platelets wouldn't go this high because of the iron deficiency. I am feeling very nauseated, tired and depressed. I am very concerned about taking this drug. ... (28 replies)
... It would be really interesting to know theres e connection between the two. I was diagnosed with essential thrombocytosis nearly 3 years ago with a platelet count of 1.2 million. During that period i also had high TSH. However when tests were repeated again my TSh was normal. ... (14 replies)

... what might cause a 2 yr old baby to have a high platelet count? ... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with ET is Oct of 92 ...with a platelet count of almost 2 million....they originally started me off with Interferon.....on that for 6 months and nothing but depression, weight loss, anxiety.. ... (4 replies)
... year old girl and another baby on the way. ... (198 replies)
... My platelets were close to one million. So not as high as yours, but still higher than normal. I had a bone marrow test done to diagnose me. ... (6 replies)
... negative. My WBC and RBC counts are normal. My inflammatory mark counts are extremely abnormally low. My hematologist has recommended a pet scan and that I take baby aspirin daily. Is there anything else this could be besides ET? ... (198 replies)
... on unless they really sky rocket, so seems to me the best we can do is to take supplements and eat foods that keep our blood thinner and flowing well and reduces platelet stickiness. ... (198 replies)
... and only once did i get a phlebotomy about a month ago cause my red blood cells were realy high but that was one day and havent been high since. ... (198 replies)
... lso drink green tea every day. Not sure if it helps but I read it reduces the stickiness of the platelets. So I am surprised that some people are not even taking baby aspirin or low dose aspirin daily ..just to reduce the stickiness. ... (28 replies)
... just to check in with you all my platlets have drop lots since i been pregnant i'm at 450 witch in 400 less than normal the real test will be after the baby is born to see if it sky rockets again in the mean time i'm 6 months prego and see my hemo everymonth to continue monitoring the count pregnacy and et agree with me ---tara (198 replies)
... ave learned to live with it... I was also able to go through a pregnancy while having thrombosytosis. I couldn't take the medication while I was pregnant, just baby aspirin.... My baby is healthy.. My question to anyone out there is in regards to hair loss.... ... (198 replies)
... hey i'm 27 and have been on meds for high platelets for a while my doctor say the only reason i am on them is because i already have had a DVT if i never had it they wouldnt think of putting me on them they would just monitor me monthly as they do you so just take your baby asprin and no worrys (28 replies)
... inreply to last post on pregnancy and high platelets, i went through it twice with no problems and on the third time when my numbers were at thier highest during a pregnacy i developed a blood clot, i would not worry but i will suggest talking to your obgyn about going on a babie asprin regimin , hope this helps, like i said the first 2 times was nuthing and the last pregancy... (0 replies)
... I had a blood test today and my platelets are now under 600, which is brilliant and I am really really happy about it. I only take a baby aspirin every day and as far as I know, I have no symptoms. ... (28 replies)
... there is lots of help and advice out there and I think if you want a baby you need more guidance than you are getting at present. ... (28 replies)
... I stared baby asprin last week and this week I've gone off gluten and casein completely because I suspect I have allergies. ... (198 replies)
... I'm concerned about taking a coated baby aspirin since I have digestive problems. I'm trying to keep my blood thin with natural means... ... (198 replies)
... I lost so much hair after my babies were born that I had bald patches at the front! I even contemplated a wig! It all came back though. Your body needs to settle down again after having the baby. (198 replies)

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