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... blood dots under skin on chest wont go away not raised almost looks like a flat blood clot, Please help (1 replies)
... Over the past year, I have been getting red dots on my skin. ... (17 replies)
Blood clots
Nov 28, 2011
... Blood thinner will make you feel bad. I have taken it and I felt horrible. sounds like you have been through hell, I am very sorry about that, it is no fun to feel bad. Those little red dots your getting could mean your bleeding under your skin (petechiae), have you showed them to your doctor? hugs to you! (1 replies)

... I also have pinpoint red dots on skin, however, I just had a total extensive blood workup and everything was in normal range? ... (17 replies)
... I have what you have I almost died my night I was forming this big blood clot on my right arm.There was little red dots on my legs and big ones all over. ... (17 replies)
... Yes, the "dots", known as petechiae, are caused by low platelets. Petechiae are tiny hemorrhages that leak from the capillaries just under the skin. Your extra-heavy period and red BM might also have been due to your blood's inability to effectively clot because there aren't enough platelets to allow it to do that. If your petechiae seem to be getting better, it could be... (6 replies)
... became a vegetarian. people keep telling me its because i stopped eating meat. i dont think thats it. some days i feel like i'm going to die. i feel that i have blood clots in my surerficial veins that they havent looked for. i have had test on my legs to look for DVTs and nothing was found but nothing done on my arms. ... (41 replies)
RED DOTS on Skin
Aug 22, 2011
... his calves also, so we are quite worried. Don't really know the exact cause of them. I suppose it could have been the hydration they were giving him, or that the blood wasn't flowing well. We may never know. ... (6 replies)
... I don't really know about your dad's condition, the only thing I know of is that high blood pressure can cause red dots that look like pin pricks on the feet and ankles. ... (2 replies)
... If unsure, petechiae should always be quickly investigated. They can be interpreted as vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels, which requires immediate treatment to prevent permanent damage. Some malignancies can also cause petechiae to appear. ... (1 replies)
... This sounds like a petechial rash. My daughter gets them and the docs have come to the conclusion that its her way of ridding a virus. I would get your bloods done to see if anything is amiss there. (1 replies)
Red PinPrick Dots
Nov 13, 2006
... which is where my blood platelets go very low, and when they do, I get petechaie. ... (3 replies)
... tomach. It is covered with them. I have been doing some looking on various websites to figure out what they are and what causes them. Some say they're from a blood disorder and some say just a part of ageing. I did have a cardiologist I was going to once take a look at one on my arm. ... (4 replies)
... increase and can cover the whole body. It's linked to another condition called mastocytosis. You can check on the terms. What the dermatologist can do is to do a skin biopsy on the spots and stain them to see if you have the condition. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there, I just read your post, and i was hoping to find out if your case of the Schamberg's Disease went away on its own and your skin returned to normal? ... (3 replies)
Petechiae (spl?)
Feb 16, 2003
... said it was a hemangioma. But she still couldn't say what the ones under the skin were. ... (19 replies)
... So... More information... We do bdsm stuff. Her body happens to heal pretty quickly, and usually the only result of our play is temporary bruises, scratches or dots that vanish. We are not certain of this, but it could be possible that I caused that lump. ... (0 replies)
... Over the past year, I have been getting red dots on my skin. ... (3 replies)
... ped. My leg doesn't look like a tree trunk anymore, but it's still massive. I have a feeling it always will be bigger because of the damage to my vein from the blood clot. Sheesh, right? ... (13 replies)
... Call me paranoid, but is it wrong for me to want some sort of blood work? ... (2 replies)

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