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... Has my haematology appointment today. More blood work done to test for JAK2 mutation, EPO and Ultrasound ordered for enlarged Spleen found upon examination. ... (7 replies)
... My kid sister has a blood platelet count of 3066. ... (0 replies)
... they use them to help cancer patients. In fact, I first found out my platelets were too high after donating and the blood center called to tell me to go to my doctor. ... (4 replies)

... doc sent me to a hem. I then had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out cancer and other causes. You mentioned you moved to Colorado. I also moved to CO one year ago. High altitude raises platelets levels, so that maybe a reason it is higher than before. I think you should see a hemotologist and get tested. ... (32 replies)
... What are the causes of high platelet counts? ... (32 replies)
... (198 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to the board today. I'm searching for information on high blood platelet count. Last week when I was in for my yearly checkup my doctor told me that my platelet count has been elevated for over a year. 6 months ago it was 490,000. ... (198 replies)
... Had 3 cbc with platelet counts tests. Reading levels read 805, then 79l then I believe 885. I am presently undergoing 3 tests. ... (4 replies)
... My husband has been sick now for about a year. When we went to the doctor last september he was admitted immediately because his platelet count was only at 10,000. He has gone up and down as high as 120,000 and today back down to 20,000. ... (10 replies)
... ur doctor is unconcerned at this time, it is just that the evidence does not indicate a problem at this time. A female on her period can briefly have an elevated blood platelet count. Another short term error can be an automated platelet count. Platelets are difficult to count under the best of circumstance. ... (7 replies)
... hroat just feels off. Lymph nodes in my neck always somewhat swollen. Also notice swollen lymph nodes below armpits some times. I used to sing, but can't sing high notes since this started. Referred to ENT, told it was likely acid reflux. Prilosec did nothing. Change of diet did nothing. ... (0 replies)
... I am a female, 62 years old, and do not have any medical condition. I was wondering what would be the cause for this high number of platelets and how can I reduce it? ... (3 replies)
... I do not want to go on it because I hear a lot of bads things about it. They say I have Polycythemia. All my blood is high, red, white, platelets. ... (198 replies)
... Hi AnneRob!I would think it most pertinent for U to see a doctor that specialize's in Oncology/Hematology.I wonder do U feel extreme fatigue,anxiety,tightness across ur chest at times,random itching,red/flush looking face,tingling in fingers and toes,restless sleep,blood shot looking eyes?I had these symptoms from 1994 until 2000.Then at an annual physical in 2000 my blood... (3 replies)
... Routine checkup showed everything normal with the exception of very high blood platelet count...over 1 million! Second blood test showed same results. Going see a hematologist tomorrow. ... (1 replies)
... more blood tests to see if the platelets are coming down....... and then in Nov I see the Dr. He mentioned if they start to come down I won't have to meds, we'll see...... ... (0 replies)
... thanks for the infor on blood donation. Did you have to undergo a bone marrow test ,and if so what was you diagnosis? ... (4 replies)
... CONSISTENTLY HIGH Platelet, MCV and MCH. ... (0 replies)
... at these messages are posted in the year 2003! It is now April 2005! I don't know how you guys are doing and I hope you're ALL doing fine. Just last week, my platelet count was 766.... ... (49 replies)
... high blood pressure and, hating pharmacutical companies, I decided to try the most logical .. ... (198 replies)

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