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... MCV refers to the "mean corpuscular volume" and represents the average size of each individual red blood cell in the body. ... (1 replies)
... Due to up coming surgery, I had to have blood test taken. ... (1 replies)
... Blood test what does MCV indicated 69.6 is that low for MCV iron Deficiency I take iron supplements is it stll low (1 replies)

... gals, I was just wondering if anyone could lend an opinion to if you think my blood test results are worrisome or not. My Doc signed it and said it was ok but once I took it home I realized I was outside of the normal ranges on a few things. ... (0 replies)
Blood test
Aug 29, 2008
... dear doctor i am 56 old 13 year with parkinson. first time that t have a high level of cholesterol. ferrtin low level aound 1 year my question is how come iron is ok and ferritin is so low. it is possible that the lake of iron influenc e the good work of the liever ///// i want to know if alt,aklpt have a abnormal level because all the PD pills the problematic level... (0 replies)
... t was an issue. Have just had another one and was wondering if anyone could help figure out if there is any reason why I'm feeling so tired all the time from the blood test results I just got? ... (0 replies)
Blood test
May 23, 2009
... I made blood test for my 2 years old baby, she has RBC=4.76 and MCV=73.9. what does this mean? (0 replies)
... Hi,i'm from Greece,i'm 21 years old and i have an 12 years old sister. I have her first blood test in my hands (sorry for my english!) so,i show you now and if you can answer someone...PLZ! HTC 32,1 HB 12 RBC 4,29 MCV 84,43 MCH 28,1 MCHC 33,3 (1 replies)
... CONSISTENTLY HIGH Platelet, MCV and MCH. ... (0 replies)
... I have the opposite situation. My MCV is above the range and is 102. ... (3 replies)
... The blood test also included a blood count panel. Just for reference, I've been told that I most likely have the Thalassemia trait. ... (1 replies)
... Two weeks later, I still feel terrible. Go to Doctor, she puts me on antibiotics and sends me for blood tests. I get a call, they say I am anemic and they are referring me to hemo. They also confirmed that I had Strep. I took antibiotics and felt some better. ... (1 replies)
... The MCV shown marginal reading. ... (0 replies)
... These numbers are all in reference range, except for UIBC, MCV and MCH and even those are "close". So I would be tempted to not worry about them at all. ... (1 replies)
... he answer to that. So you always have to replace what iron is lost through monthly cycles or it keeps subtracting. The serum iron is what is circulating in the blood at the time of blood testing so it is not so accurate of a measure. ... (7 replies)
... Hi I was wondering if anyone has had a High MCV. I am going to a Hematologist in a few days and was wondering what to expect - questions, tests if any? Ongoing symptons (chest trembling, weakness on standing, bone aches, general weakness, fatigue (off and on for 8 months but symptoms constant now for about 3 weeks). Recently I have noticed red dots with a lighter red... (3 replies)
... I am a 42 year old female. Just got my blood work results and was told that my red blood cell size is elevated. MCV 102.0 MCH 35.2. I did the blood test twice to confirm results. Doctor ruled out b12 deficiency and hyperthyroidism. ... (1 replies)
... I recently had a blood test done and my MCV numbers are pretty low while my white cell and red cell numbers are high. ... (0 replies)
... All of my other blood markers looked good. ... (1 replies)
... Finally, I went to doctor Nov 17. They measured my temp as 96.2 F. The TSH blood test was 4.35. Doctor refused to do any other tests, though when I went back ten days later, he said there was nothing wrong with me and 4. ... (3 replies)

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