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Blood work
Dec 3, 2011
... if you actually live in louisiana, i would "probably' think that that type of cold, say compared to us here in MN or any colder state would really have much to do with this. ... (2 replies)
... I had that problem for some time. Recently the cause was isolated... polycythemia rubra vera. I'd suggest that you keep an eye on it by regular blood testing specifically targeting red blood counts and hemicrit. My doc missed the symptoms for a long time. ... (8 replies)
... and I do a lot of research on medical issues. ... (2 replies)

... Thick blood, too many red blood cells, can cause that problem. The cells clump together stops the flow or clogs the needle. ... (8 replies)
... similar health issues as mine. I was admitted late August in the hospital for A Fib my heart was racing super fast and my blood was thick. ... (12 replies)
... I gave you the wrong info about the INR. It is the opposite for the time. If it's below 2 it is clotting to fast and could cause a serious clot and if it's above 3 it is clotting to slow and could cause bleeding. ... (4 replies)
... Wow! That's a mouhtful they threw at you. I looked up the words and here's my best explanation. "Idiopathic" is a fancy way of saying "we have not idea what caused this". That's one big word out of the way. ... (2 replies)
... between 150 000 to 450 000. I had a very sore throat and flu like thing on May 23 to which I went to the Dr. . The Dr. thought I might have mono and sent me for blood work. ... (16 replies)
... Heperpin is a very strong blood thinning agent and could have very well dissolved the clot or made it small enough to move it to some other location in the body. ... (4 replies)
... I don't have any med insurance I went to my disability hearing and the metal detector went off every time he scans on my left side under my arm I researched and it came up with hemochromatosis I did not have anything on metal that day I got all the symptons I guess im just waiting to die im real low sick can not get no help im n scooba ms (5 replies)
... years of no answers. I'm 51 year old female, with high hct noticed 11 years ago, along with high blood pressure. At the time, my hemotologist did all the tests for Polycythemia Vera, but the tests didn't confirm PV or other causes for the raised HCT. ... (5 replies)
... I went to court aug 22 this year metal detecto went off only when he put it under my left arm research shows HEMACHROMATOSIS I can not afford to go to the dr but I got all the stmptoms of HEMACHROMATOSIS (5 replies)
... most of the time they do pick it up in a cbc test,usually they go by hemoglobin levels,mine have been out of whack "high", which in turn was due to smoking they call that secondary polycythemia, dehydration can also cause polycythemia or thick blood. ... (6 replies)
... really, it was no problem. I like to research. The bigger the challenge, the more I sink my teeth into it. And to top it off, this week's school topic was the blood and immune system. I got a hundred on my exam today. ... (67 replies)
... anes probably 4 times a week. I have been feeling very off balance and like I want to throw up, so I went to a neurologist and he told me that benign tumors can cause Polycythemia so he is sending me for a cat scan on December 3 to see if I may have something growing upstairs. ... (17 replies)
Is this normal?
Sep 6, 2011
... Hi!My name is Randy and I have Polycythemia Vera.THis is an illness which causes the bone marrow to produce too many blood cells total.A normal person has about 400,000 blood cells and when diagnosed I had 1,000,000. ... (1 replies)
Jun 22, 2012
... oncologist in summer of 2000.I had been sick for 3 to 4 years and didn't know what was wrong. ... (9 replies)
... hi everyone! , my hematologist had told me everything looks good , and told me your fine , ur numbers are leveling out , and basically said he didn;t think i have pv and he did one last blood test (a reticulocyte count) and said im pretty sure it iwll be normal , and so i planned to move ( out of state), and then i got a call and they said my count was at 21.7 ( normal being... (102 replies)
... which is a bone marrow disorder that causes too many blood cells to be produced. ... (15 replies)
... so i do this for two years , with always in the back of my mind why would i do this to my self .... ... (198 replies)

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