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... I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with blood clots in December 2002 at the age of 18 from a snow boarding accident. I had a blood clot the size of a golf ball in my left groin, and a clot had broken off that one and travelled to my lung. ... (4 replies)
... :wave: Hi. I got my 1st blood clot a few months after my first c-section. Got my 2nd clot after my 2nd c-section. 3rd clot just showed up out of nowhere. Your leg will feel numb(kinda like it's asleep), then really heavy, very sore(hurts to put pressure on it), constantly ache, swelling, redness, may be red and warm to the touch. If you have any of these symptoms, you can... (6 replies)
... tender spots in my head where I feel more vein spasms, and occasionally short sharp stabbing pain on the top of my head that only lasts a few seconds. ... (0 replies)

Blood clots
Apr 14, 2006
... If you really believe you have a clot you need to go to hospital immediatley, however i can advise you of some checks you can do as i have had DVT twice now and although all my results were negative i knew there was something wrong! ... (14 replies)
Blood clot?
Sep 12, 2006
... e been suffering with Shortness of Breath and along with that is Chest Pain and I suffered with the back of my left leg cramping all the times. I can't tell you how many nights my husband sat up rubbing my legs. I have been to the ER, Doctors and they all make you feel VERY STUPID. ... (2 replies)
... In June I found out that I had blood clots in my arteries. I'm not sure how different my story will be since my clots were in my arteries. I had clots in both legs. In my left leg I had clots from my groin to my toes, full. In my right leg I had a few small clots in my toes and a couple in my thigh. ... (33 replies)
... tion that I truly need your help in understanding it. I've been reading quite a few posts on here about different things that pertain to me, and so much of this blood clotting is so confusing, but I think all of you are the best people to come to for opinions and answers, just because you've 'been there done that'. ... (11 replies)
... y thigh. It became unbearable to walk and I went to the ER. After a D Dimer result of nearly 1400, it was clear this was no minor ache or pain, and confirmed two clots on ultrasound. They confirmed no PE, agree which I was released on Warfarin and Lovenox injections. I had no instructions or precautions or anything else. ... (0 replies)
... al errors but I am using a speech to text program so please bear with me. Anyway, I found out recently that d dimer is extremely high. The hospital tested me for blood clots, including a pulmonary embolism like leg clots. Both negative. I have been bed ridden 4 a while. I am able to walk but only 20 ft at a time. ... (0 replies)
... Are the enlarged lymph nodes, by any chance, near the area you had the blood clot, or at least "downstream" from the area? ... (2 replies)
Mar 5, 2007
... I am so sorry to hear about your ex...I want to thank you though for giving me your input. I have had so many tests done, blood work done about 6 times, I am seeing a hematologist. They are saying the DVT was caused from Birth control and taking a 6 hour car trip.. ... (23 replies)
... Interms of numbers of platelets, usually no treatment is recommended unless you are having symptoms of blood clots or the other side of the coin, increased bleeding or bruising. ... (8 replies)
... nurses were telling me how this is kinda serious and for me to not take it so lightly. ... (6 replies)
... well as for how i got to this point, i fell back in july and fractured my foot pretty badly so i had surgery where they put a screw in to hold the bone together. ... (7 replies)
Can a DVT return?
Sep 25, 2007
... You're most welcome. I've come to find quite a comradery among us young women who have had these devestating blood clots! It really makes me feel good to help others and pass along what I have learned. ... (18 replies)
... Your bone marrow produces too many platelets. The way your platelets work may not be normal. Your blood might clot because of this. You might also have a tendency to bleed. ... (9 replies)
DVT Recovery
Dec 28, 2005
... rin, Coumadin, till resolve. They also installed a TrapEase filter in my Inferior Vena Cava which subsequently saved my life. I had suffered Pulminary Embolisms, clots in my lungs during this bout. ... (1 replies)
... I've never heard associated with Coumadin. I've never heard of it causing skin rashes and I've never ever heard of it causing hair to fall out. I mean, it's a blood thinner and has no connection to hair follicles, but I'm not a doctor. Did your doctors say these were side affects? ... (20 replies)
... a vascular surgeon took a look at the hematoma while I was in the hospital, but because of the blood thinners was reluctant to even suggest any aggressive treatment. ... (1 replies)
... in three veins of my calf. Each clot completely blocks the vein and I'm only in pain when I stand up and can feel the blood pooling. I was put on Lovenox twice a day for five days and now I am on Coumadin, most likely for the next six months. ... (3 replies)

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