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... your body could have that range in one day as platelet counts range during the day. I have ITP which is a problem with low platelets, but I had my spleen out and now my platelets range from the high 300's to 800's. ... (4 replies)
Low platelet count
Feb 23, 2010
... When I started T injections my hematocrit was already hi at 51 then at 6 months 53 and then at 1 year 59. My doctor had me stop injections for 4 weeks and wanted to try gel but I decided since I was prone to elevated hematocrit and RBC I would stop stop T altogether. The 1st 4 weeks were bad but I'm doing better now. My platlettes are 150 like yours and that is low normal so... (48 replies)
Low platelet count
Feb 23, 2010
... that the increased hemocrit was from the the gel is less likely to do this? ... (48 replies)

... Hello, I have had ITP for many years now but have never had the classic petechiae. I would highly recommend you seeing a hematoligist to be sure that this is what the diagnosis is. It does sound like it and there are treatments for it...unfortunately this is a blood platelet disorder that is most-likely uncurable but there are treatments ie: prednisone,Rituxan, etc (67 replies)
... My platelets at last count were 709,000. They have been consistently elevated, I know, since September of 2003. ... (198 replies)
... Midwest, hi again. May I ask what your white blood counts and red blood counts were on these same dates? If they were normal, GOOD! Search Thrombocytopenia on Wkped-ia, if you haven't already found it. Scroll a little below halfway down to the description of ITP. Says under 50,000 you should be tested regularly. I assume you are seeing a hematologist? If all your... (67 replies)
... My platelet count has been falling over the past 5 years. ... (67 replies)
... for the first 8 months and it ended up not being ITP because of the decreased amount of megocaryocytes in his bone marrrow....I gues if its ITP you would have a increased amount. ... (67 replies)
... As for platelet size, one recent CBC report states "platelets vary in size", and that's all. There is no measure of MPV on any of my reports. be? ... (67 replies)
... my doctor didn't know anything about it either.......and not to worry, my count is 1.4 million and i have zero symptoms and have zero treatment ........ ... (28 replies)
... Thank you for your advice. I am scheduled to see a specialist in October. However, my family physician was reluctant to refer me since she doesn't believe that there is a connection between the hypothyroid and ET. I still feel that there is something there. Will let yopu know what they find out. (14 replies)
... My hematologist told me it was a thermostat problem and that could be causing my platelets to increase. I have been hypo lately and my platelets have increased a bit. When I feel better, my platelet labs are lower but still not within the range. ... (14 replies)
Low platelet count
Feb 24, 2010
... also thinking of taking a saliva test to see where my T is. My last T reading 6 weeks ago was 978. My free T was 36. That is probably another reason my red blood count was so high.Since I went off the injections my blood pressure has increased, I get less than 6 nhours of sleep a night, anxiety and lower libido. How about you? ... (48 replies)
... Hi Just joined this site and am anxious to meet other people with this problem . I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago. Am a female and 63 years old. My P count was 1150 when I found out I had this condition.... over the years it was lowered on Hydroxeurea and recently it has shot up again to 975 .. ... (198 replies)
... ache deep inside my bones it feels like. And I get rush like feelings of the flu, It is hard to explain.I had all of these symptoms before the hydrea. When they increased my dose I did get nausea for a short period. ... (198 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have been reading everyone's threads for a while. I have been diagnosed with essential thrombosytosis as well. I have been on Agrylyn for about 3 years. I hate taking it. My doses change. If I'm doing well my doctor lowers the dosage. Then my platelets shoot up again and my dosage has to be increased... I hate this yo-yo effect. Anyways, I have learned... (198 replies)
... count is a count of the actual number of white blood cells per volume of blood. Both increases and decreases can be significant. ... (1 replies)
... If you have had a recent infection or operation that could make your count go higher. ... (8 replies)
... Interms of numbers of platelets, usually no treatment is recommended unless you are having symptoms of blood clots or the other side of the coin, increased bleeding or bruising. ... (8 replies)
... Oh and by the way, your platelets really aren't increased THAT much. If you had a platelet count of over 800 or 900, then you might start worrying. ... (1 replies)

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