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... year old woman, and what brought me to the doctors was overwhelming fatigue, dizziness, inability to be active with out near passing out. My iron level was so low the doctor ordered me to have an Iron IV. And yet after all this, I have no idea what is causing it. My Gyno has advised me to get a bone marrow biopsy. ... (2 replies)
... For the last couple years I have had a little bit of an abnormal CBC. Here is the latest results (is about the same as the last 4 times I've had blood drawn over 2 years): RBC 6.4 (high) MCV 67 (low) MCH 20.3 (low MCHC 30.2 (low) RDW 15.7 (high) Ferritin, Serum 198 (high) (2 replies)
... cv Is High 15. ... (1 replies)

... Hi all. I recently got a blood test for Hepatitis (I tested negative) from my buprenorphine doctor (a psychologist) The blood test also included a blood count panel. Just for reference, I've been told that I most likely have the Thalassemia trait. Red blood cell count......6.52 (High)......Normal: 4.20-5.80 Hemoglobin..................12.9 (Low)......Normal: 13.2-17.1... (1 replies)
... Why cancer? What happened? Please let me know I am asking because my daughter (age 4) has the following: MCV 70 (low) Normal Range (78-102) MCH 20,8 (low) Normal Range (27-35) RDW 18,5 (high) Normal Range (11-14) HGB 10,1 (low) Normal Range (12-16) HCT 34 (low) Normal Range (36 -49) She takes iron last time feritin was tested was borderline She... (3 replies)
... Recently had blood work done and now have to see a hemotologist. I'm not sure what all this means but my RDW is 18.5, my MCV is 73.8, my MCH is 23.1, my MCHC is 31. ... (3 replies)
... Off the top of my head the following possibilities are: Your immune system became exhausted but was addressing the infection. It will build back up rather quickly if you are generally healthy. Or The numbers had typographical errors in them, If things do not improve, you might need to contact a specialist in blood disorders and have it seen about. (1 replies)
... My absolute neutros was high and the monocytes have been slightly low. My latest CBC showed a complete turn around. ... (1 replies)
... New to the board today...thanks to all who have posted :angel::angel:- 3 hours of reading and not as freaked out and feel a little normal amongst you all! OK here is the nitty gritty on my original blood work. HGB 6.8 Hematocrit 23.7 MCV 54.5 MCH 15.5 MCHC 28.5 RDW 20.9 (3 replies)
... need others opinion on my situation. This may turn out long and I apologize in advance. I have two artificial joints...hip and knee. In January I was standing in my office on a Friday and felt sickness hit me. I became feverish and my joints became sore and stiff. I immediately called my PCP and the office told me to call them on Monday if I still had... (1 replies)
Blood results
Mar 14, 2011
... low HGB, MCHC, and high RDW. I read that this could be anemia but with a raised heartrate can it be anything else? ... (3 replies)
... My daughter (age 4) has the following: MCV 70 (low) Normal Range (78-102) MCH 20,8 (low) Normal Range (27-35) RDW 18,5 (high) Normal Range (11-14) HGB 10,1 (low) Normal Range (12-16) HCT 34 (low) Normal Range (36 -49) She takes iron last time feritin was tested was borderline She had the hemoglobin test for the Thalassemia trait 3 times, it was negative the first two... (2 replies)
... Individually I can see what they are but are there any other reasons why they are high and low at the same time? ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. Got a call from my doctor today saying my CBC from my routine physical was not normal. In her words, "Everything's wacky." Basically: RBC = high WBC = high Platelets = high RDW = high Hematocrit= low MCV = low MCH = low MCHC = low Hemoglobin and all the subtypes of WBC were normal. (0 replies)
... Is my high iron a problem? ... (16 replies)
... Is my high iron a problem? ... (16 replies)
... Hello, I've been watching this board since I had some blood work done in March that said I had high RBC. ... (2 replies)
... doctor in February 2010. I saw him on the 8th of February. I told him originally, that for year's I have run a high WBC. Not within what some consider normal ranges. Mine have always run 12. ... (1 replies)
... I started taking my temperature. It's consistently in the 96s to low 97s, whether it's when I awake, during the day, or at night before I go to bed. ... (3 replies)
Mar 25, 2015
... am. It is showing a low white blood count, which I have never had and it is totally freaking me out. They also did a manual differential. ... (0 replies)

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