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... but the itching sensation still comes and goes. My blood does not clot very well. THe slightest little cut or bump seems to take forever to stop bleeding. I know all three of U are still anxiously awaiting a diagnosis. ... (95 replies)
... then you are really in the same boat as me. Mine I am told are not too high being 15000 and most probably normal for me. ... (95 replies)
... if so what tests do they run you through looking for different blood disorders.I Asked Randy above the same questions I Need all the Advice I Can get. Anxious in Pa.!!!! Randy Kmarshy Hope to hear from you!! ... (95 replies)

... BTW, I had flu as well in November but it was a few weeks after my bloods and miine have been high for a few years now but not too high. ... (95 replies)
... KMarshy Karen, Well I Went to my doctor today and all the blood work I Had taken showed no abnormalities just the fact that I Have a High White Blood cell count. ... (95 replies)
... Hey Guys! Hi ! Polycythemia is actually a bone marrow disorder. The bone marrow produces too many blood cells and also deformed blood cells. My hematologist says there are different variations of Polycythemia. ... (95 replies)
... I Get my blood taken every 3 months for the last 12 years . ... (95 replies)
... As regards docs in the UK, I don't think they would do a marrow test as they call it invasive until your count gets well high in the 25000 plus range or over. Mine was only 12.5 when they first sent me and has risen to 18 once and back to 15 and now 13. ... (95 replies)
... like mine then now. Its just good that they are continuing to check yours. My hemo discharged me and said if I get ill then go to the docs. He just said I had a high white for some reason and my platelets he said was thrombocytosis. ... (95 replies)
... since I Have anxiety disorder makes it worse but I Got my blood taken and my white blood cell count was 13,000 which is the lowest its been in the last year! ... (95 replies)
... Yes let me know how you made out on the 8th of July your appoint. I Too was diagnosed with having a condition called Leukocytosis which is a benign condition of high white blood cells. ... (95 replies)
... Yes let me know how you made out on the 8th of July your appoint. I Too was diagnosed with having a condition called Leukocytosis which is a benign condition of high white blood cells. ... (95 replies)
... I Go back In August to get my White Blood cell count checked Last time it was 15,000 so it went down some so we'll see but I Always get Anxis when I Go now to get blood taken but I Know i have to!!! ... (95 replies)
... Hi Bren, As regards the differential they did that would show up what part of the white cell was actually raised. Its actually a good thing that they are all balanced. ... (95 replies)
... count white blood count went from 19,000 to 17,000 but is still considered high and although my differential is fine and show no signs of leukemia being that my high count is so high he sent me for more blood work to check for any abnormal white blood cells or cells that might indicate inflammation somewhere in my body? ... (95 replies)
... (95 replies)
... Karen! Bren I can only recall that he told me I had PV and my total blood cell count was over 1 million and my red cell count was the highest. ... (95 replies)
... Hiya Bren, I have not had a marrow done but have heard of lots that have and I don't think they are too bad but can understand your anxiety cause I would be exactly the same. Its catch 22 really as you want to know what is wrong if anything and then again its invasive. I hope someone comes along that has had one done and puts your mind at rest and my thoughts are with you... (95 replies)
... my blood levels white cell counts average 14,0000.15,000 and this last one this month 21,000. ... (95 replies)
... Hi Randy, Glad to hear you are bearing up with this. I always take a look through to see your posts and hope you continue to doing well. Keep posting as I love to hear how you are doing. Let us know how next months appointment goes. xx Take care Karen xx (95 replies)

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