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DVT Recovery
Dec 28, 2005
... This surgery went like clock work. I was told to limit my activity and I did, too much. In addition I took a long car trip and then the fun began. I didn't know DVT from DVD. Now I know more than I ever wanted to know. ... (1 replies)
DVT questions
Oct 21, 2003
... know any personal experiences from long travel with DVT history. ... (2 replies)
... I'm so sorry to hear about your DVT. I have over a two foot long blood clot in my right leg, from above my pelvis to below my knee. ... (1 replies)

... I am an active person, not overweight, not a smoker. I have some of same questions about how to get back in the saddle. Seem to be getting confused advice. I am on crutches, but allowed to bear a little more weight each day. ... (17 replies)
... to do with our blood. My hematologist did ask me almost the moment he met me, if anyone in my family had a history of blood clots. He asked me a whole bunch of questions about my family history, diseases, etc. ... (7 replies)
... Started having pain in the left leg near the break about a month ago. Thought it was due to weather change. ... (1 replies)
... I don't know anything about DVT since I had pulmonary emboli (was admitted 3 weeks ago.) I do have a clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden heterozygous ) I did not know I had this clotting disorder until being admitted to the hospital. Also, I have had 4 pregnancies and deliveries without complications, which is unusual so my doctors were positive I was negative for a... (5 replies)
... i agree. i think most people go on coumadin for about 6 months following a dvt. i am aware of no long term affects with it, i am on it for life for 2 blood diseases. i have had stroke caused by the blood thing. ... (3 replies)
... I had a dvt blood clot behind my right knee about a year ago. My doctor put me on Coumadin, and although the clot dissolved, she says I have to continue taking Coumadin indefinitely. ... (3 replies)
... I am wondering how old you were when you had the DVT and if they told you why you had it? ... (3 replies)
... I completely understand your frustrations and worries. I was diagnosed with a massive DVT as well, going from my groin into my calf in my right leg last Christmas Eve. ... (3 replies)
... hii, do you know why you keep getting dvt? (33 replies)
... Hi. I'm new to this site, just found it about 20 minutes ago. I know what you're all going through. ... (33 replies)
... Why would any one out of the blue ask to have themselves checked for the disorder. I never knew there was such a thing let alone a test to check for it. So shouldnt there be something that is required either giving women the option or at the very minimum let them know that hey this is a very big risk your taking with your life by takeing birth control this is a factor we can... (33 replies)
... all you have to due is ask your doctor to test you for factor V i have factor V and it caused me to have a stroke in 93 at age 21 and a DVT in august of 04 at the age of 33 and i am now on my second dvt while on lovenox... after my stroke the DR. ... (33 replies)
... Due to a few week dip in my INR I've developed yet another Dvt at the inner side if my left knee up into my thigh. it's very painful and I am worried that it will move. ... (33 replies)
... that i have several factors in my blood that cause me to be a natural clotter so the two together just sent it over the edge and there is the clot. I too wonder about the breaking off of the clot..and how long for it to dissolve... ... (33 replies)
... I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left leg about a month ago. Massive clotting from ankle to the groin. I am on coumadin, or at least trying to get regulated. ... (5 replies)
... I was in an accident on a mountain road where a car was crossing through my lane as I came around a turn. I don't remember anything about it because I received a concussion and was knocked unconscious. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. I wasn’t sure whether I should post here or on the autoimmune board. But I decided this was the best place because my questions are related to the blood clots that developed after a fast and furious flare up of some autoimmune disease they believe is APS (still pending labs). The ache started in my right knee, swelled from inflammation. It progressively worsened and... (0 replies)

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