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OK, I got off meds because my bp was stable at 112/83. Well, when I told my dentist that I had a history of high blood pressure she decided to take my bp at the dentist office. It was a staggering 149/106!! She took it again after my cleaning and it soared to 161/109!!! Totally freaked out, I went home and checked it on my monitor! It was 111/84 and I rechecked it again and it read 110/76. I had my husband take his pressure just to make sure it wasn't faulty and his read his normal 134/81.

I have a weak wrist pulse (some nurses have a hard time finding it). Would this cause the wrist monitor to read high? Please help! I still have my meds and I'll get right back on them if need be. I don't want to have a heart attack!

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