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You're more normal than u think, msgraylorn. I took toprol xl for about 5 or 6 yrs (something like that) and it was horrible. And we are not alone, there are many threads on this board alone that complains about toprol xl, not to mention other boards i've posted to. I have taken many bp pills and toprol is the all time worst of the lot.

Bharkins, says she's greatful to the medical community and drug makers bcuz of her stroke. Well, different strokes for different folks. I am increasingly HATING them everyday. I started out only with a little diabetes problem and some know it all nurse practioner wrote out 7 prescriptions (5 bp meds) that day in May 1999 and i've been paying for it to this day. I was a working, productive, and self relaint human being, within that year I started having heart problems. I never had heart problems or stomach problems b4 that time. And cholesterol was just a word to me. Todate, i've had 2 heart attacks, countless stomach problems and sooooooo many lying drs.

When a dr tell the patient its arthritis, instead of side effect of a drug (i know i looked it up on nih website) and to continue to take the med, i feel that is wrong. Of course, we do need some drugs, but we also need responsible health professionals to tell us the truth. In order to get true answers, i always feel a need to look stuff up, and i should not have to be my own doctor.

All i can say is yes, im glad i made it to the er when i had my heart attack, but then maybe i wouldn't have had it if it wasn't for that one stupid nurse practioner. Thank God for this board and the many knowledgeable ppl on here. Its so sad that i trust ppl here more than i do my gp(ex gp).

I took toprol xl and it definitely causes severe back pain, i know bcuz i got free bottles of 200 from AstraZeneca. I called there 800# and explained my situation and was told to stop taking it asap. Again, different strokes for different folks.

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