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When I told this to my 1st doc. along with the other GI Problems+ associated with beta-blockers, he said no big deal. I said that I have to travel over 1300 miles to see my g/f. It is a problem. He said that it was a good drug. Switched to Atenolol from doc. #3 even though my numbers range from 108/61-65 to 119/75 on Lotrel as well. The only thing that has helped is Xanax. It may be addictive (I take 2 mgs), but at least the docs. let you know that. They don't tell you how hard it is to get off of Atenolol. Atenolol & Toprol did nothing really for my b/p but gave me lots of side-effects, Lotrel brings it down a little, Xanax handles my anxiety which is the cause of my HBP. Why don't they treat the anxiety 1st???? After a million blood tests you would think that they would know. Those clinical trials are humorous. It seems that a lot more people taking beta-blockers have all kinds of side effects. Being 34 & feeling 94 is a major problem.... much more than having B/P that is 134-140/80 un-treated.........

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