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Wow this is almost exactly the symptoms I have experienced recently. I am 28 yrs old, I am not as active as you are and I have a bit more stress in life but. I have been battling a congested head since Christmas. I got to feeling better but about 3-4 weeks ago i started to get a clogged head and ears feeling. Went to the doctor and BP was fine and all was great. He gave me a decongestant and antibiotics and sent me on my way. I took them for ten days but the buildup in my ears got worse and worse. I started to get lightheaded and dizzy, sweating a bit more than normal and a racing heart rate. I have been known to miss a meal or here during the day.

So I went in to be rechecked because I figured I had an ear infection. They took my BP and it was 132/102 the highest it has ever been in my life. He mentioned it but nothing more than in passing. He gave me a steroid, stronger decongestant and a super strong anti-biotic. Well After 2-3 days I was feeling better but I noticed my heart was beating out of my chest and I could almost feel my BP elevate. Pressure in the heart, pounding in the temples and flushed face. So I started taking my own BP several times a day and my BP has been 135-148/88-110.....My resting heartrate is 120-130 all the time no matter what (normal for me is 80-90). I stopped taking the drugs after 6 days and havent had any of the drugs since monday morning yet I still have the racing heart and higher BP. I have taken a Xanax and it seemed to calm my anixety feeling and somewhat slow my heart rate but not lower my BP.....Im not sure how long to let this go before I call the doctor. I have been to see him 2 times in 4 weeks I feel like a hypocondriac!

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