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Well... I mean I dont even have to be exercising or anything. Just me walking from the kitchen to the bedroom to check my blood pressure---it just seems so high. I will get readings at high as 130/100. Then I will lay down on the bed and wait a few min. and it will go down to like 122/85 or 87...the longer I lay there the lower it gets. For instance...I checked it lastnight after just washing dishes. Nothing strenuous. And it was 120 something over high 80's. Then I layed down to watch a movie and about a half hour later I checked it and it was as low as 96/68.

Is this normal???

I went to the doctor Thursday...because I got concerned because I had had some high readings....and I am on the pill. When I got to the doctors office my bp was fine. When I got home that night. It was 120-something over high 80's again.......and the doctor said to call him if I get anything higher than 135/85. And he wanted me to check it only once a week.

Well...I checked it several times over the weekend...and still was getting some high readings....without really doing anything. Saturday night I got a reading of 129/98. Then I did come down some.

Then I woke up Monday morning without getting up and it was 110/70. Got up took a shower...checked it and it was something like 126/86.

I called my doctor today and told the nurse I was still getting higher readings and she said to monitor it...sit for 5-10 min before taking it because that is an accurate reading. IS THIS TRUE????

She said I need to keep my bottom number as low as low 80's or 70's.

But should my bp be rising that much when I am barely even doing anything????

I am concerned.

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