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Thanks to all of you for your replies. I had not measured it for almost 2 months. I started measuring again just the night before. The apprehension doing it the first time was horrible!

I measured it once this morning and it was 116/75! My doctor suggested I check it no more than once or twice a day which is fine with me. I think that is more than I can handle anyway. This is a terrible thing to be phobic about.

My doctor mentioned limiting salt. I never add salt to anything and I am already on a religious low fat, low cholesterol diet but she never mentions weight loss to me.

I am 5 feet tall and when I weighed myself yesterday morning I weighed 129 pounds which is pretty much what I have weighed my entire life. Now some weight charts actually say my range is 104 - 137 which would make me not overweight. Other charts I have seen say the range is 97-128.

To avoid high blood pressure, should I weigh on the low side of my weight range?[/QUOTE]

First off, all have excellent advice above.
Getting a 116/75 reading in the morning is El-perfecto. :) You cannot get any more perfect. I get those types in the morning to sometimes BUT my problem is that I experience a rise throughout the day usually by noon to 142/92 or a little higher. And even THAT is not bad because it will actually go down by evening BUT when it goes up like that I can feel it as it is uncomfortable (head pressure) and will leave me with a headache. So the doc and I agreed that I needed a little something to help it. Trouble is, what is that "something"? Tried so many, headaches, headaches , headaches OR BP falls to low.

Uffda is absolutely right. Take those readings in with you for proper diagnosis.
Pal, is also correct. For stressed out readings those are not that high at all.

Relax. :)

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