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[QUOTE=tommy124]I know someone who is in his mid-eighties, whose blood pressure fluctuates wildly, hour by hour, and sometimes minute by minute. It gets so high that the doctor has told him to take as many as 11 pills to get it down, and then drops so low that he is in danger, and has to immediately have salty food to bring it back up again. He saw a second doctor, who said, "Don't worry about it". His wife is taking his blood pressure every 20 minutes or so. Does anyone know anything about this?[/QUOTE]

BP swings through out the day. I have AFIB and mine fluculates all the time but then this is a diagnosted heart problem. Surely your friend has had many EKGs that would have shown it.....mid-twentys, maybe not.

I would change doctor with 11 pills to bring it down.
BTW - salt as related to BP is a problem because it causes the body to retain water. Taking salt to bring BP up immediately sounds like crap!

The 2nd doctor might be right but who can say, you did not post the BP readings.

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