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Re: BP or Anxiety
May 19, 2007
Mine symptoms started 2 years ago after I had my second child. I was first diagnosed with anxiety disorder becasue standing in lines atthe grocery store for exapmle would make my heart race so they thought I was having panic attaicks. I too had all the heart test under the sun... rightnow they think they found an arrythimia after this whole time... but anyway I went to 2 cardiologists who suspected I had this POTS becasue I feel lightheaded/dizzy or instability when I either stand or am sitting down. I even feel hot all the time which will also make my heart race. But it never fails that everytime I stand up sure enough my heart wil race and pound but when I sit down it calms back down. People with POTS CANNOT be dehydrated ... if we become dehydrated it makes our condition worse.... It is fairly new to the medical field and they say about 80 % of POTS patience were misdiagnosed with anxiety disorder first but it turned out to be POTS- Pots bascially is nerve damage in the body that can be triggered by a bad infection or childbirth! It affects your fluid and blood volume so that your body cannot retain its fluid balance... the reason why your heart beats fast when you stand is becasue your body is not able to pool enough of the blood from yourlegs up to your brain therefore decreasing your blood pressure--so the heart will pump fast to help increase your blood pressure so you wont pass out... It has been aweful and is a very dibeliating disease but one that medications can help.. I start taking mine next week.... The most important thing with someone wit POTS is to stay very well hydrated and eat lots of salt. The tilt table test is the test docs use to help diagnose this condition. I hope this helps.. please feel freeto ask anymore quetsions. :)

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