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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3325559]Have you really stopped measuring your blood pressure? Stopping the readings and their recording in your charts and tables must have felt very strange, considering how numerous the daily readings had been.[/QUOTE]

I averaged about two daily bp readings for October, but then in November, I was back up to seven readings per day because I tried some lifestyle changes, followed by having some environmental changes and also made some more changes to my diet. I also wanted to see if there was a seasonal "winter" effect on my blood pressure.

There is a surprising variety and complexity to the many different causes (triggers) of higher blood pressure and heart rhythm problems, and other immune system problems. I've been able to determine some of the normal triggers of heart rhythm problems, from the summary and detail reports of my several 24 hour Holters. Each hour, or so, while wearing the holter, I would test another suspected erratic heart rhythm trigger. But, my 23,000 blood pressure readings, reports, charts and notes, really helped me to learn what actually causes higher blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances, but it was not easy, because there is absolutely no information, anywhere, about high blood pressure triggers, or triggers of heart rhythm disturbances.

The medical industry just keeps says that, for most cases, it doesn't know the causes of high blood pressure, PVCs, PACs, Palpitations, fibro, CFS, MCS, etc. To me, that is nonsense. They just don't want people to know, because keeping patients sick is much more profitable than healing them. :mad:

I have also reduced my Ace Inhibitor (now 34 days ago), by around 50%, and want to monitor the effect on my blood pressure over the next few weeks.

So far, so good. For December, my average blood pressure, based on 224 readings, was 122/72. Last month it was 126/74 based on 221 readings. It's still a little early, to tell for sure, but it sure looks like, after 34 days, the Ace Inhibitor reduction has not negatively effected my blood pressure.

Thanks for asking!

I hope that you are doing great and are enjoying getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season. I love this time of year!

Take care. :wave:

[B]Addendum 1/1/2008[/B]: It's now 39 days since I reduced my, already minimum dose of my Ace Inhibitor, by another 50%. No increase in blood pressure.

I've also cut my calcium channel blocker (CCB), by 25%, four days ago. No increase in BP. Too early to tell, but what amazes me is that I am not having any withdrawal problems!? I have ALWAYS had withdrawal problems.

[U]I intend to stay on both the Ace Inhibitor and the CCB, for life.[/U] I know that, because of my health problems, I will always need the AceI and the CCB [U]to help me to balance and stabilize my hormones[/U]. Once one's hormones are out of balance, it usually necessitates the use of blood pressure, or rhythm control medications FOR LIFE!

Also, my 24 hour blood pressure chart more clearly reflects the blood pressure drop after each one of my small meals or snacks. So...... if someone wanted to get their blood pressure a little bit lower, naturally, they could do it through frequent, small, appropriate meals. It's a mechanical result, because the body diverts blood to the stomach area, leaving less blood within the circulatory system, creating less blood pressure. Of course, and alas, the lowering effect of eating small meals is only temporary.

I think that I know, after 23000+ blood pressure readings, and associated research and analysis, over 9 years, that I will always have to take blood pressure medication. But, through exercise, and the "correct" changes to diet, environment and lifestyle, the medicine load can be reduced down to very small levels, which minimize both the costs, and the side effects of those medications. Sadly, it makes the drug industry unhappy, but I can't please everyone! ;)

My average blood pressure for 2007 was 125.8 over 73.7 based on 2720 readings.

[B]Addendum 1/20/2008[/B]: It's now 58 days since I reduced my, already minimum dose of my Ace Inhibitor, by another 50%. No increase in blood pressure.

I've further reduced my CCB by another 25%, so that my total weekly dose of both my CCB and my ACEI are significantly below the minimum recommended dosages. It's 21 days since I reduced my CCB by 25%, and it's 16 days since I additionally reduced my CCB down by another 25%, making the reduction a total of 50%!

And...... I've also reduced my Digoxin by about 15%, 25 days ago. All of these reductions in medication have not negatively effected either my blood pressure or heart rhythm/rate. I plan to cut my digoxin by another 15% on Weds, Jan 23rd, and then, if I experience a positive outcome for about 4 weeks, will determine then if a further reduction is appropriate.

I am convinced that our blood pressure can be used as an indicator, like the temperature gauge of a car, that tells us if our body chemicals are in balance. If our body chemicals are out-of-balance then, just like if a car's chemicals and fluids are out of balance. our car, or body, doesn't work very well, resulting in higher blood pressure and/or heart rhythm and rate problems and/or neurological problems and/or injury to our immune systems, etc.

So far, for the month of January, 2008, my average blood pressure is 122/72 based on 175 blood pressure readings, and heart failure or not, I feel great.

I have NEVER been able to successfully reduce my medications without major problems, and I have tried many, MANY times over the past 20 years of heart disease.

It begs the question, Why now? Why am I able to significantly reduce medications this time, and continue to experience healthy, low blood pressure, and an acceptable heart rhythm/rate, at my age with significant heart disease, and feeling good?!

It also begs the question: Why am I able to take heart medications, at significantly reduced and fewer dosages, and still be getting the same, significant benefit from the medications?? Could it be that my condition has improved due to environmental, lifestyle and dietary changes, and I need less mediation, or is the rate and dosage of medication somewhat related to drug company's profits?! I wonder....... :confused:

Perhaps, I've finally made enough changes to my diet, lifestyle and environment, that, with the help of minimal medications, my body is able to [B]better tolerate[/B] the constant attack of poisons and triggers that cause overproduction of hormones and other body chemicals, which in turn cause higher blood pressure, and also cause increased heart rhythm problems. These excessive hormones and other body chemicals are also responsible for the worsening of other health problems such as Fibro and CFS and MS and LUPUS and MCS and Heart Failure and organ failure, etc.

Fascinating, isn't it? But what does it all mean? :dizzy:

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