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I have not posted in a while, but would appreciate some input from today's doctor's visit. It is frustrating when a doctor sits there, shaking his head and saying that he does not know what else to do to help you. I was pleased that my doc did say that he was going to go and read up on blood pressure meds and get back to me, though (internal medicine doc). Here is the dilemma: I am on four different meds for HTN - Covera, 2xday, Metoprolol 2xday, Atacand 1 x day, Furosemide 2xday. My blood pressures are still running 140's and 150's over 90's and 100's, with a few exceptions in both directions. I also have diabetes, so the target rate is 130/80. I am 41 years old with no family history of HTN and all of the standard tests have been done over the years. The doctor mentioned something about an alpha blocker - any thoughts on that type of medication? He asked me about ace inhibitors, but I had an opposite reaction to Zestril once(when taken off of it for a nuclear test, my bp came down immediately).

I would appreciate any input with this situation. Thank you.

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