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an unrelated problem I've been having recently called my attention to this.
For a while now, occasionally I'd suddenly start to feel bad, I'll get weird pains in my arms, occasionally my legs, sometimes a light tingly feeling in my face, sometimes I'd feel a little lightheaded but not all the time, I don't ever recall getting dizzy, sometime there are other symptoms like just a general feeling of weirdness. I also notice that it happens more frequently when I haven't been getting enough sleep.

I went a specialist today about the other problem and they took my blood pressure and he said my blood pressure was on the higher side (130/90), and that's not normal for me, my blood pressure is usually low to mid-normal. But I was feeling bad this morning as I was driving to the doctor's office. When I went to the grocery store this afternoon I was feeling fine so I had the urge to take my blood pressure at one of those machines and it measured it at 114/74, which is well within the normal range. Then a few hours later I started to feel bad again so just for the sake of my own curiosity I went and measured my blood pressure again and it was at 131/90.

Does anyone have similar symptoms or any idea what could be causing this, what I should do different? When I was younger and it happened kind of bad, I was up studying the entire night before. Before that point I'd never really had the symptoms of light-headedness/tingling associated with the occasional pain in my arms. When I went to the doctor he said the pains in my arms were probably just from sitting at the computer typing too much. That was a good 4-5 years ago.

If you have any ideas at all I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks.

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