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Hi, :)

I never used to get sock lines but have them all the time now. They are from the elastic, to be sure, but elastic is not the reason for them. Do you ever get the feeling that your skin is too small for you? My legs and calves feel like that almost all the time - the skin stretched too tight, not flexible - does not move easily and without some resistance when the muscles do. It is an inconvenience more than anything. I feel lucky it isn't worse.

I've never heard of water speeding up metabolism, but wouldn't rule it out. It sure helps with the digestion. I should start drinking more water-it will help me lose weight by making me feel full. I felt dizzy and lightheaded most of the day today so maybe my blood pressure was low. I had no way of checking. Occassionaly, I get measurements like 90/60 or even a bit lower. One might think it's from being overmedicated. It isn't. My blood pressure readings are fine and within normal levels. I read about these isolated hypotensive episodes being a side effect of one of my medications - the CCB, I think.

I am also starting to be more active in hopes of losing weight. One can always hope, right? :) I bought several tubs of yogurt. I will start having some again. I don't get enough calcium in my diet and think I could be getting [U]too much [/U]of it in my supplements. It's definitely something I need to look into. I am hoping to prevent osteoporosis - some of the meds can cause bone mineral loss. I can't remember which ones.

Good luck with your exercise routine! :)


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