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I'm hoping to get some advice on what I can push the doctors to test for and an idea of what is going on with my health.


31 year old female -- Height 5'7 Weight 140
ADHD -- (Adderall XR 30mgs (1x morning) Adderall 20mg (1x afternoon) Been on this medication for 3 + years)
Asthma -- (Pulmicort (1x mornings) Albuterol (When needed not had to use in over 2 months)


June/02 -- Emergency Hysterectomy (25 years old) complications in child birth, major blood loss, hemo was at a 4, blood transfusion.
Dec/06 -- 17lb Ovarian Tumor
Oct/07 -- Cyst removed from Urethra - appendix removed - Adhesions removed.
March/08 - 4 Cysts removed from lower right back.

Thyroid blood tests come back normal -

Now for my problem, From the time I can remember my BP ran about 120/65 recently I went to an appointment and my BP was 155/112, so they told me to go to a 5 day BP check to see if I needed to be put on Blood Pressure medication. First day my BP was 138/92 (left arm) 134/91 (right arm), Second day, 120/94 (Left arm) 120/93 (right arm), Third day, 144/98 (left arm) 142/92 (right arm) all taken manually not by a machine I have two more days to go next week. My Pulse laying down stays about 80s to 90s, Sitting up it will jump to about 110 - 122 and standing up it sometimes shoots as high as 144-160. I will go to do normal day to day things (Cleaning House, taking care of my kids so on) And I will begin to sweat uncontrollably, heart feels like it's racing out of control, and I'm exhausted most times before I even begin to do anything.

EKG was done and they said there was to much interference? They tried about 5 different times and said that it could just be Muscle Spasms. I feel like I'm running into a brick wall, I have no idea what tests to push for to see if there is a problem with my heart or not, I'm hoping someone can give me advice on what could be wrong with me, and how I can fix it.

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