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This is all great information Ace thanks! I am a doctor but not the medical kind :) University professor. My daughter gave me that name. Being a prof does however mean I am predisposed to learn from others though.

So this leaves me torn. I cut the Bystolic pills in half (no easy feat) and will go with the smaller dose. From what you are saying, I should think about cutting down or dropping the lisinopril as well and just go with the 5mg Bystolic?

Can you provide me with some justification for this opinion that I can take back to my doctor next week?

"The Ace Inhibitors (LISINOPRIL) are not combined with beta blockers too often."

Funny you should mention morning erections, those are now definitely less frequent (I hadn't really thought about it), but performance has been unaffected several times over the last week. Long term who knows? Feeling this chill definitely factors into libido I think.

I finished my doctorate in 2 1/2 years (fastest ever at that university), and I could never have done it feeling this relaxed. :) So that has me concerned. I am used to running at a certain level. Pluses and minuses. This forum has taught me to calm down and realize hitting the right medication combination takes time.

I am young enough (late 30's) that the last ten years of high BP have only been a minor distraction, and I just took the meds doctors gave me and soldiered on. I went to the doctor maybe once every 3 years. However, with age comes an increased awareness of side-effects and such and many more doctor visits. The PVCs were really frightening and still leave me wondering about underlying causes even though the cardiologist calls them benign. All this has been a wake up call. I am now on a diet (I am not obese: 6'1'' 218, regular aerobic exerciser and bench press more than my weight) but could stand to lose 30 pounds and focus on lowering stress in my life where possible.

Again thanks! More food for thought.

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