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I realized that I was Insulin Resistant in 2004. Throughout 2005 and 2006, I was on a very small, low calorie, low carb, frequent feeding diet. At first, if I ate an extra quarter of a small apple during the day, I would suffer from breathing problems, chest pains, heart rhythm problems, and high blood pressure.

Gradually, I was able to consume more calories, and slightly bigger servings during the day. For instance, I was able to increase one of my daily snacks from 1/4 small apple to 1/2 small apple. With my meals, I didn't eat any apple, and at the rest of my snacks, I only ate 1/4 of a small apple. As my health improved, I was able to increase the apple at my other snacks. So....... in my case, the severity of the Insulin Resistance dictated what I was allowed to eat.

I am now able to consume quite a bit more with each meal, or snack. I eat eight times per day, and whereas previously my total caloric intake was about 1400 calories per day, I am now consuming about 2600 calories per day, without it raising my blood pressure to unhealthy levels, or causing other nasty problems. I eat small servings of fruit with each meal or snack.

The result of my modified Dash Diet was that my cholesterol is now at very healthy levels without Statins, my blood pressure, for 2007, dropped down to an average of 126/74 based on 2720 readings, and my blood pressure, so far, for 2008 has been 121/72 based on 1992 readings.

From 1998 through 2004, my blood pressure averaged [COLOR="Red"][B]147/93[/B][/COLOR], based on almost 15,000 readings. :dizzy:

You have posted an interesting subject. I, also, will be interested in other views on this.

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