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Morning BP ?
Aug 19, 2008
... third of people over 65 experience it. Obviously, there are additional people who have smaller drops in BP from food. ... (5 replies)
... said i felt fine, when i get spike and feel myself turn hot god only knows how high it gets but at the hospital i felt like that and the readings were real high! diastolic in the 112's! ... (11 replies)
... number more than 65 is not advisable. So yours is still okay at 70. Mine is generally in the 50's in the AM which worries me. Last week it was 49. ... (9 replies)

... so I have to make some changes. I "want" to lose 65 pounds BUT I'll do better if I set a goal of 12 pounds, at least for now. I do better with success so that's more realistic for me. ... (55 replies)
... My blood pressure averaged 132/87, pulse 71, for the 90 plus readings I've taken since September 2007. I've decided to take the DASH 14 day Challenge to see if I could drop my pressures more with the hope/goal of reaching a 120/80, :angel:. I've been on the DASH diet for 1 week are the results for the first week... First reading in am before breakfast without... (4 replies)
Point of no return
Nov 10, 2007
... A also continue to puzzle over the fact that my diastolic is always low, and its only the systolic that shoots up like a rocket. ... (47 replies)
... Folks, I have been a "white coater" for some time now, and the usual conventional treatments of diet, exercise, supplements have not really helped. I know from what I've read that (a) white coat usually evolved into sustained hypertension; (b) white coat does NOT respond well to medicines for blood pressure. My numbers at the doctors are usually around 144-146/80 with... (0 replies)
... with pulse at 65 at the DR's. ... (9 replies)
... actually think the diastolic was lower but she was in a hurry as I was the last patient of the day. Pulse only 65. ... (5 replies)
... She always has low blood pressure but normally it is in the 65 to 67 range. When the attack is over the pressure goes up to 77 or better for awhile then back down to her normal. ... (3 replies)
... Consider getting a BP monitor. I have an $65 Omron Auto Inflate Arm device that I got at Costco but I am sure that WalMart or Target would have something similar. When he has these headaches and dizzy spells, take a reading. I used to have headaches when the diastolic (bottom #) was over 100; the typical reading was 155/105. The best time for me to get a normal reading... (3 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 18m teen medicated for hypertension (75mg Karvea/day). Under this regimen, my systolic are usually 115 - 130 and my diastolic 60 - 75. My concern is that quite often I will get a reading like 120/65, which is a pulse pressure of 55. I'm going to my cardiologist soon for my biannual checkup, but I just thought I'd get some opinions on this. Thanks very much... (0 replies)
... I am not an expert on BP, but it seems as if even the doctors are stumped at times with spikes for no real apparent reason and so forth. Editor, the BP you mention earlier 115/65 is not low BP. It is actually normal BP. And with activity your BP goes up to hypertension level. 180/111 is high BP. I beleive that you should see your GP and about those numbers. Best BP to have is... (15 replies)
... h it, that means my BP tends to drop considerably after eating. Though my BP does vary a lot, most readings are under the 140 systolic mark for hypertension and diastolic is almost always in the 70s or low 80s. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the responses. I'm going to post here a couple of points I've read from some of the engineering articles and other postings elsewhere on the web. I'll try to get permission from the moderator to post the links. Note, for starters, that the digital meters (which use a method of measurement called oscillometric) are generally calibrated against the traditional... (10 replies)
... ds from checkups years ago. But I used to always check it at the pharmacy, etc. because it runs in the family. My systolic was always in the 130s low 140s. My diastolic usually was 80 some years back, but in the last couple of years has run to 90. ... (19 replies)
... Sounds like you had a "one time" reaction to something that has raised your Systolic a bit. Your diastolic readings are GREAT! ... (45 replies)
... but my diastolic goes down to around 60. This has me very worried. ... (4 replies)
... Graylorn, You bring up a lot of valid points. Why won't my DO do the same thing with the Atenolol (Wean) without me having to do it myself???? I get readings that range from 113/65 to 121/71. He just says that they are good meds. I am 34, 5' 11" 152 with perfect blood results, 2 perfect EKGS, chest xray & etc. It really doesn't make sense why he won't wean me. Today I had a... (8 replies)
Diovan or Not
Nov 19, 2004
... points on the diastolic side about 30 minutes after I leave the doctor. It has happened for 21 months now. ... (7 replies)

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