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Hi Ace! To answer your question, I wanted to get off of Beta Blockers in general as I didn't like the negative effect while working out. Remember that I do not have true sustained high blood pressure but rather, Labile hypertension (white coat syndrome).
Going on a typical BP med would lower my normal BP too low and could be potentially harmful to say the least. I started BB’s 2 years ago when my BP surged prior to having cataract surgery. My doctor suggested a beta blocker to see how it worked for me. I switched from Atenolol a year and a half later to Bystolic for the exact reasons you mention—3rd generation, best beta blocker out there with the least side effects--however it caused my glucose levels to increase as one of the negative side effects and though I was able to get my HR up higher during workouts, it still was controlling the HR by not allowing it to reach my potential.
Lastly, my doctor believes as did another internist that I went to, that the spikes in BP that I occasional get were due to anxiety and not true high blood pressure. I had a dear friend of 50 years die in June followed by my ex-wife (mother of my daughter) die unexpectedly a month later, and it hit me hard. I had panic attacks for the first time in my life and that is when the anxiety theory was pretty much confirmed as my BP went high even on Atenolol and it took Ativan to bring it back to normal—took Ativan at low doses for about 3 months and honestly was pretty scary to not be in control. Remember that I am a businessman and own my company so not being in control has never been an issue for me. Once that was over my BP returned to normal readings and I upped my workout routine and kept the BP at bay. My readings since Sept have averaged around 130/70 over hundreds of readings.
After reading all the possible negatives with beta blockers and realizing that I could possibly control my BP without them, I decided to ask him about getting off for good and controlling my BP with supplements like Magnesium, Hawthorn, Potassium and C-Q10. He was all for it. Of course I will watch it closely with him and if it does start to go up then we will look at possible alternatives.
By the way (and I apologize to all for this long dissertation), I’ve had zero issues since the racing heart beats on Sunday. Worked out last night after work and pre w/o BP was 142/71—135/68 Pulse-51 (beta blocker night before) and Post Workout the readings were 129/72 and 125/71 with pulse at 59..This morning my BP was 126/68 with no pill last night. I am now on “every third day” so won’t take another pill until tomorrow night. Feel great and had HR between 114 and 121 for 20 mins last night during cardio work out—recovery was 5 minutes to get back down to 72 and 8 mins to 59. Everything is fine. Thanks for your comments and for listening to me. Jack

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