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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3906870]That is very interesting! I have never seen anything like it. Thank you for taking the time to share this information. I have several questions.[/QUOTE]

Hi Flowergirl! :wave:

I was hoping that someone would find the BP statistics and trends interesting. It's information that doesn't exist anywhere else on the web. I wish I had access to similar info when I first found out that I was hypertensive.

[QUOTE]The information you have presented represents just one year. What were your hourly blood pressure trends throughout the subsequent years of monitoring, as your blood pressure improved, when compared to 2003 data?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the request!

I'll run the reports tomorrow and get back to you.

[QUOTE]There is a dramatic increase in your blood pressure around 5:00-6:00 p.m, with the blood pressure remaining elevated for the rest of the evening. Is that still the case in 2009?[/QUOTE]

It wasn't the case in 2008.

But...... this year I have fallen off the "diet" wagon. My health has significantly improved. I have more strength, am more alert, very seldom have problems breathing anymore, and my blood sugar levels are at their best levels in decades! In the past, if I increased my carbs, in the slightest, my blood sugar would spike. That is not longer happening! So..... I've been increasing my carbs with absolutely no effect on my blood sugar, and my fats and my proteins, without any increases in symptoms, or weight, except that my belly area (pot) is getting larger.

What has also changed, though, is that my blood pressure is trending higher on the increased calories. It still is at overall healthy levels, but I am experiencing higher blood pressures in the afternoon and evening due to the increase in diet. I am going to stay on the increased calories until my blood pressure either gets into unhealthy levels, or if I suffer from increased problems, especially if the breathing problems return.

After four long years of a small meal, low calorie diet, I can't bear with going back on the strict diet. I just can't mentally cope with it right now. I am really enjoying the increased meal size and calories. But..... each day, my blood pressure seems to trend upwards, so I don't know how much longer I can avoid going back to my much healthier and stricter diet. :(

[QUOTE]Do you have any theories as to the cause?[/QUOTE]

Blood Pressure normally trends up throughout the day. Plus...... I was taking Verapamil three times per day. The afternoon dosage was at 2pm. Three hours after taking Verapamil was it's greatest effect (about 5pm), and then my blood pressure would start trending higher. Also, at that time, I suffered from blood sugar problems (Insulin Resistance), which normally causes increased levels of blood pressure at night.

[QUOTE]Do you think that your rather unique health status has any bearing on the nightly blood pressure elevations?[/QUOTE]

The two main causes of my increase in blood pressure during the afternoon and at night is circadian rhythm and blood sugar problems. Almost immediately after I started a small meal, low carb, low calorie, frequent feeding diet, in Dec, 2004, my nightly blood pressure spikes reduced significantly for the first time since 1998. When the body's handling of Insulin is messed up, all hell breaks loose in the body, and is reflected in increased unpleasant health problems, and higher blood pressure.

[QUOTE]My blood pressure followed similar trends for a time, until an unexplained, significant and worrisome drop in blood pressure occurred. It has remained low -too low, I think-since.[/QUOTE]

How often do you have complete blood tests, or heart tests? Do you know your ejection fraction? (EF).

[QUOTE]Does your blood pressure still follow the same circadian rhythm with nightly dips occurring between the hours 12:00 to 5:00 a.m., as it did in 2003? Has that changed or become more pronounced as your blood pressure improved?[/QUOTE]

I'll have to take a look and get back. One problem with the data for 2003, during those hours, is that there are not many readings, so the data is suspect. I'll take a look at the notes that I took during those early morning hours and see if I had taken any extraordinary measures, at that time, in order to get the blood pressure down.

Your questions were certainly interesting, and, as always, good questions invite constructive thought and interaction.

I hope that you are doing very well, and are not experiencing any increase in uncomfortable symptoms. Are you still having problems with swelling?

Thanks! And...... best of health and luck to you! :wave:

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