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Whether one decides to track their blood pressure more often, especially at home, depends upon one's health and one's need to know. After all, how does one deal with a problem, if one doesn't know the extent of the problem? :confused:

I've taken my blood pressure almost [U]27,000 times since 1998[/U], or an average of about [FONT="Arial Black"]7 times per day[/FONT]. :dizzy: I sit down, take three large slow breaths, and then take it only ONCE.

I have learned a lot about my blood pressure and have successfully reduced it from an average of [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="3"]152/97[/SIZE][/COLOR] in 1998, based on [U]1,106[/U] blood pressure readings to [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]122/72[/SIZE][/COLOR] for 2008, based on [U]2,543[/U] blood pressure readings.

I've been battling life-threatening, debilitating diseases for over 20 years, and that is why I've gone to such extremes in monitoring my blood pressure. Plus...... [B]as my blood pressure averages improved slowly, year over year, so did my health.[/B] The healthier I got, the more incentive I had to monitor my blood pressure, and continue to find ways to reduce it to even healthier levels.

Whereas before, I could barely get out of bed, I am now able to do up to 200 push-ups per day, an hour power walk per day, 250 weight lifts per day, and 400 steps per day :D . When my blood pressure was higher and my health was much worse, the slightest physical effort would cause chest pain, breathing problems, fatigue, heart rhythm dysfunction, over-sweating, etc.

Anyway........ here I am, ten years later, and because of my close tracking, I've been able to greatly improve my health and my blood pressure and my pre-diabetes, and my palpitations [B]and significantly reduce my health care costs[/B]. I've saved a lot of money by closely tracking my blood pressure, which has resulted in having to take fewer medications, having fewer doctor appointments and having fewer expensive medical tests.

Despite having Heart Failure, Chronic High Blood Pressure, Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Immune System Dysfunction, my health has gotten progressively better, rather than progressively worse, and I spend very little on health care, mostly because of what I have learned by closely monitoring my blood pressure.

[U]Taking my blood pressure frequently, during the day, at home, has not only saved my life but has given me a surprisingly good quality of life.[/U] Like the old say: The proof is in the pudding! :D

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