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Michael, :)

Good to hear from you! I've read your posts so I know you still have some health issues. You've managed to get your blood pressure under control. What a great news! It is nice to know that high blood pressure is no longer an issue.

[QUOTE]I have arthritis myself, I'm only 27 :(, and I have read that Diltiazem may cause joint pain. I have had an MRI on my left knee, as well as my other knee and both my shoulders but those are injuries that I have caused, and the report suggests that my cartilage is degenerating I don't know if diltiazem can be the reason or not !!![/QUOTE]

A number of drugs, including antihypertensives, can cause or contribute to arthritis. So can underlying health conditions, genetics, weight, type of work, illness, joint infections, broken bones and many other things. The drug classes that can cause arthritis in some people -only a small percentage of those who take them- are anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, thyroid, heart, blood pressure and neuropsychyatric medications.

Some of the medications listed as having these adverse effects are Altace, Benicar, Micardis, Lopressor, Lopressor HCT, Coreg....and both regular and XR Effexor. As mentioned previously, only a very small fraction of people might experience them. Is it possible, even likely that your shoulder and knee injuries have caused the arthritis.

[QUOTE]I have tried NSAIDs but they are the worst, I couldn't stand the side effects. I have researched about Omega 3 Fish Oil, and found out that 3 Grams of Omega 3 Fish Oil will act even better than NSAIDs and prevent joints degenerating.
I just hope that 10 Fish Oil capsule is safe, I didn't find any information about that so far :(. But I really feel better and with no side effects.[/QUOTE]

How about checking with your doctor about the amount of fish oil (and other) supplements you can safely take? You never know what he might tell you. I have just been asked to stop using one of my supplements (vitamin C, of all things! :confused:) and will have to go over the rest with my nephrologist when I see him. I am shocked that this should be necessary and simply don't believe that 1000mg a day could be detrimental. I guess I'll have to do some research. For osteoarthritis, I get rx Tylenol3 and, infrequently, a very effective rx pharmacy-prepared cream. Unfortunately, it is a NSAID, which I am not supposed to take. My pharmacist said that some systemic absorption with topical application is unavoidable. I hope that whatever you take works for you and provides some pain relief.

Your blood pressure and other medications may have contributed to your joint problems somewhat. I don't think you'll ever know for sure.


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