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[QUOTE=grtipton;4003668]Nausea only with this symptom - 63 yrs old ... [/QUOTE]

Many health problems are caused by metabolic imbalances, which causes production of excessive hormones.

As we age, and our immune system weakens, there is increased risk for metabolic imbalances. Plus...... as we age, our systems have more problems processing calories, causing health problems like Insulin Resistance and Diabetes.

[QUOTE] - 420 lbs 6'4" very large frame (old football palyer and power lifter)[/QUOTE]

I am not a medical professional, but, IMHO, 420 libs is way off the charts! :eek:

You can try to track down your blood pressure abnormalities till the cows come home. If your system is having problems processing calories and your handling of Insulin is messed up, then you are going to have all kinds of health problems, caused principally by your diet. The first place to start is DIET.

I am just a fellow patient, approaching 70, so if you want to ignore my advice, feel free to do so. :)

[QUOTE]Do eat organic -[/QUOTE]

That's a good step. The healthier we treat our bodies, the healthier it will react, especially as we enter our senior years.

Ze problem is not with the health of your food, it is with the amount of calories in each meal, and for the day.

[QUOTE]No excerise due to many physical limitations -short of breath due to overweight I think - heart feels like it is racing - [/QUOTE]

Excess weight, and excess body hormones causes a lot of stress on the heart, and along with a metabolic imbalance, results in breathing problems and heartbeat problems.

[QUOTE]do not feel faint just tired -[/QUOTE]

The excess body chemicals (hormones, etc) will cause tiredness and fatigue, among other problems.

[QUOTE]do not smoke, use alcohol or drugs - [/QUOTE]

Shame, isn't it? You do everything right...... live a good life...... do the right things...... and you still have to contend with health problems because of diet, IMHO. Doesn't seem fair does it!?

[QUOTE]just began taking readings but have had high readings in the past and with meds has been under control but have had these symptoms for some time now but seem to be with me on and off during the day/night - doctor says to continue what I am doing and lose weight and take Bp twice a day and record[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the wonderful world of aging. I keep hearing the phrase "aging gracefully". There's nothing graceful about my trip through my 60's ! :mad: Fortunately, through diet, exercise, understanding and the most effective medication, I am doing GREAT, despite having serious heart and other health problems.

Thought I would just throw out some ideas to you. Good luck in the future!

Regards................ :wave:

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