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My blood pressure has changed from a very unhealthy, damaging, life-threatening average of 147/93, based on 14,832 readings, to a very healthy average of 126/73 based on 7,132 readings.

During those very nasty years, from 1998 through 2004, with my health deteriorating, my Systolic was as high as 207 and my Diastolic went as high as 126. My legs were swollen, I had constant chest pains, heart rhythm problems, tiredness, fatigue and, worst of all, I had constant breathing problems. I could not breath lying down or reclining. I had to sit up all the time, whether watching TV or trying to sleep. But...... I am stubborn. Up to the point where I felt that I was going to die, I refused to change my lifestyle or diet. The pain and misery had to be nasty enough to wake me up; and finally get me to change my ways.

At the present, approaching age 70, I am doing very well, even considering that I've endured Heart Failure, AFib, Immune Dysfunction, Insulin Resistance, an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, for decades.

There were four major steps that I took to get my blood pressure, not only under control, but at very healthy levels. The following are the four steps:

[*][B]Small, low calorie, balanced, quality meals.[/B]
[INDENT]I basically follow a combination of a modified Dash Diet and a modified diet targeting Insulin Resistance.[/INDENT]
[*][B]Avoiding unhealthy foods, drinks, triggers, irritants, pollutants, allergens.[/B]
[INDENT]I discovered the things that negatively effect my blood pressure and health by tracking my blood pressure an average of seven times per day, since 1998. To this day, I am still uncovering unhealthy triggers.
[INDENT]I'm still shocked that so many common, seemingly innocuous things can have such a negative effect on our blood pressure and health, worsening the lives of those with CHF, MS, CFS, FMS, etc. [/INDENT]
[*][B]Taking the most effective medications.[/B]
[INDENT]This has taken a lot of grief, anxiety and misery, but I finally think that I found the medications that are best for me.[/INDENT]
[INDENT][U]Current Medications[/U]:[/INDENT]
[*][COLOR="Blue"]Coreg[/COLOR]: A wonderful Beta Blocker, which lowers BP and has other amazing health benefits.
[*][COLOR="Blue"]Digoxin[/COLOR]: Effective treatment for my heart disease.
[*][COLOR="Blue"]Warfarin[/COLOR]: Reduces risk of stroke.
[INDENT]Per Day: 150 push-ups; 300 weight-lifts; 400 steppers; 1 hour power-walk
[INDENT][U]Note[/U]: When I first started exercising, just one push-up, or weight-lift would cause breathing problems and rotator-cuff "shoulder" pain.[/INDENT] [/INDENT]

These were my annual "average" blood pressure readings from 1998 through 2008.
[*]1998: [B][COLOR="Red"]152/97[/COLOR][/B], readings=1016
[INDENT]An average of 152/97 for the ENTIRE YEAR! Is it any wonder why I was getting worse!?[/INDENT]
[*]1999 : [B][COLOR="Red"]146/92[/COLOR][/B], readings=3599
[INDENT]An average of 146/92, each and every day, for the entire year. Better than 1998, but still a serious health problem![/INDENT]
[*]2000 : [B][COLOR="Red"]145/92[/COLOR][/B], readings=3322
[*]2001 : [B][COLOR="Red"]147/92[/COLOR][/B], readings=2375
[*]2002 : [B][COLOR="Red"]150/96[/COLOR][/B], readings=1423
[*]2003 : [B][COLOR="Red"]151/96[/COLOR][/B], readings=1032
[INDENT]Blood Pressure gradually got worse from 2000-2003! Nothing worked until I started eating healthier meals.[/INDENT]
[*]2004 : [B][COLOR="Red"]146/90[/COLOR][/B], readings=2065
[INDENT]A healthier diet helped to reduce Blood Pressure in 2004.[/INDENT]
[*]2005 : [B][COLOR="Red"]139/86[/COLOR][/B], readings=2526
[INDENT]During 2005 I was eating small, low calorie, frequent, balanced meals and I experienced significant reductions in Blood Pressure and improvement in overall health.[/INDENT]
[*]2006 : [B][COLOR="Red"]136/79[/COLOR][/B], readings=3269
[INDENT]During 2006, dietary improvements to Blood Pressure made it easier to figure out non-dietary triggers of high blood pressure and other health problems. I started eliminating those triggers.[/INDENT]
[*]2007 : [B][COLOR="Green"]126/74[/COLOR][/B], readings=2720
[INDENT]An average of 126/74 for the entire year! :D The more triggers that I discover and eliminate, the better my health and blood pressure! :)[/INDENT]
[*]2008 : [B][COLOR="Green"]122/72[/COLOR][/B], readings=2543
[INDENT]Everything is clicking... diet, exercise, eliminating triggers, medications. :)[/INDENT]
[*]2009 : [B][COLOR="Green"]126/73[/COLOR][/B], readings=1869
[INDENT]Blood Pressure still at very healthy levels but trending up "[I]temporarily[/I]". [/INDENT]
[INDENT]Have already made changes causing BP to trend down to healthier levels. :D [/INDENT]

My Cholesterol Numbers are also great, without ever having to take statins!
[*]Total Cholesterol: around 160
[*]HDL: around 60
[*]LDL: around 90
[*]Trig: around 60
[*]Ratio: < 3

I miss my old unhealthy lifestyle and diet. If I could abandon my current diet and lifestyle, I would in a heartbeat. But, sadly, I know that I can never go back. However, with much relief, at least I can go forward with a good quality of life! :)

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