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I am a 46 years old male in generally good health, active (cycle 50 miles a week), slightly over weight, normal alcohol intake and reasonable healthy diet. I feel fine. However, I have a severe anxiety when going to the doctor especially having my blood pressure taken.

15 years ago had my blood pressure taken and it was found to be through the roof (due to anxiety), told to go back in a week.The following week I conicidentally had tonsillitis and blood pressure was bang on normal (120/80) no anxiety cos I was more bothered about the sore throat.

Haven't had my blood pressure taken for 15 years until earlier this year had a lot of stress at work and went to the doctor who took my pressure and was 160/132 (machine in doctors surgery). This scared me somewhat and I borrowed my sisters wrist pressure monitor. Blood pressure on that was 150/90 and this was confirmed by a nurse friend using a sphygmomanometer who got a reading of 155/93 at the same time). Went to visit the practice nurse who got a reading of 154/80 again whilst anxious using a sphygmomanometer not a machine.

I have been monitoring my BP at home using the home monitor and it has been around 125/83 for weeks/months until yesterday I had to go back to the doctor for a check up. In the run up to going to the doctors (a couple of days before) it was up to 148/94 as I was felling anxious about going to the docs.

At the doctors it was something like 170/120 using a machine but again I was stressed sweating, rapid heartbeat etc. I told the doctor I had been monitoring it and she said it is probably white coat syndrome and told me not to worry but to monitor it at home. This morning it is still high 149/98 but suspect over the next few days it will stabilise again. Even whilst typing this I feel stressed about it!!!

So do I have anything to worry about here? Do I just have a severe phobia reaction which is sending the readings sky high? The readings at home seem to settle after a few days and the sphygmomanometer readings seem to be more reasonable.

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