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I am 19 years old. I am fairly active, i walk probably half a mile a day at least and play sports somewhat often.
I am sorry for the length of this, I am just really desperate for any help anyone can provide so ill tell everything I can about my situation.
I have never had high BP to my knowledge, I had it checked fairly often until I was about 18 1/2. I didnt have it checked again until I was about 19 1/2.
at the begining of the spring 10 semester I had a very loud roommate who stayed up very late ( 4, 5, 6 am). I had class at 9am. I had to take sleeping pills almost every night. usually unisom, but i sometimes used this herbal stuff (cant remember but it was a pill). I didnt use anything with acemtaphien(sp?). i still didnt get much sleep, maybe 4-5 hours a night. I began having bad headaches that lasted for weeks. I thought it to be the sleep aid so i quit taking them. the headaches did subside for the most part.
But, i decided to check my BP on a public machine just incase. it was like 150/95. I was very nervous but i called a doc and they said i needed to visit soon, but it wasnt an emergency. so i monitored my bp at home (my gf is a cna, she did it manually for accuracy). it stayed around 134/84. sometimes it was normal, but i couldnt find any correlation betwen salt intake, sleep, or exercise that determined the normalcy of it.
So, i finally went to the doc one day bc it was like 148/95. I got nervoues at the doc's office and it went up to 160/100. The doctor told me try to to lose weight.. and it didnt need medication. i had a bad feeling about it, but i tried it. (I am about 15 pounds overweights, it is weight i have also recently accumalated.). I also began taking garlic and fish oil, which helped a little.
I began eating healthier but it still stayed elevated, around 134/86, sometimes still normal, so i went to see another doc. this doc did bloodwwork and found that my liver enzymes were elvated as well, AST 65 ALT 34. Not too high, but i went to have an ultrasound. all came back normal. the doc put me on lisinopril 10 mg but it didnt help too much, so she put me on 20 mg, and it brought it down to a normal range (usually around 114-128 over 78 or 80). of course sometimes it goes a little lower, after i exercise.
My cholesterol was also elevated. 196. LDL 130 and HDL 48, triglycerides were 96. i am also now on zetia, but i think i can bring that down myself, consider i used to pretty much only eat meat and greasy food, and now i only have meat in one or two meal and day, and it usually pork or chicken. and i eat plenty of fruits and veggies.
My question is what could cause all this? could it be a vitamin or mineral defieciency of some type, or what? i am totally dumbfounded, i have always been active, used to play football, and im only 19. noone in my family really has high bp and this really is a burden on me. i thought about asking my doc to check my thyroid, and adrenaline levels? i dont know really any help would be appreciated so much even a suggestion as to what to check. thanks so much for reading this long and unorganized post lol.
PS. I hadnt took any otc meds to my knowledge before the liver test, or even a few weeks leading up to it. Thanks!

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