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[QUOTE=wolverinete;4281238]the last few weeks, my bp after work has been 115/60 or so...yesterday it "spiked" to 125/50s.[/QUOTE]

Spiked to 125??? 125/50's is considered a very healthy level. Most High Blood Pressure Patient's health would benefit greatly from being able to get an average blood pressure down at that level.

When I first started taking my blood pressure at home, back in 1998, I found out that I had nasty, high blood pressure at ALL times during the day except in the morning for an hour or two after I took my blood pressure meds. I thought that my blood pressure was under control. It wasn't! I then learned that my blood pressure average for 1998 would be 152/97 (based on 1016 readings) and would frequently peak up around 180/120! :eek:

So...... when I see your blood pressure spiking at 125/50, I think that I would rather have had your problems than mine! :)

I've been battling Heart Failure and Chronic Malignant High Blood Pressure for over 23 years. I've got to jump through hoops and do many MANY things to keep my blood pressure at healthy levels, and to survive against Heart Failure with a reasonably good quality of life.

Buts....... getting to your subject of obsessive checking..... I've taken my blood pressure 29,263 times since 1998, so I would guess there are some (many) who would think that I am being obsessive about my blood pressure.

At the bottom of this post is a table of my blood pressure averages from 1998 thru 2010. Notice that in 1999 my average blood pressure as 146/92, and that same unhealthy level persisted and even got worse well beyond 2003.

It took me years and years of experimenting before I was able to get my blood pressure to very healthy levels 24 hours per day. For me, the "obsessive checking" was a good thing because it provided me with the information to lower my blood pressure, dramatically improving my health! My leg, ankle and feet swelling is gone most of the time. I have far fewer and milder episodes of breathing difficulties. I have almost no chest pains any more. I suffer from fewer episodes of fatigue and malaise. Mostly, I just feel good, versus feeling sickly all the time.

So..... what is obsessive for one, might just turn out to be a blessing for another!

Thanks for bringing up this interesting topic! :wave:

[U]Blood Pressure Table[/U]: (The year, followed by the Systolic/Diastolic, followed by the number of Blood Pressure readings for that year.)

[*]1998 152/97 1016
[*]1999 146/92 3599
[*]2000 145/92 3322
[*]2001 147/92 2375
[*]2002 151/96 1423
[*]2003 151/96 1032
[*]2004 146/91 2065
[*]2005 139/86 2526
[*]2006 136/79 3269
[*]2007 126/74 2720
[*]2008 122/72 2543
[*]2009 124/72 2682
[*]2010 120/70 691

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