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I beat high blood pressure. After a sinus cold that didn't go away for 2 months i got a headache and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was 155 over 100. Now with out drugs it is 115 to 130 over 70 to 85 depending on the time i take it. I was given 10mg of monopril which lowered the pressure but also gave me hard to tolerate side effects including, sleeplessness, restless, depression,chest pain, pulsating pressure behind the eye etc. The drugs can be hard to tolerate and i recommend the book perscription alternatives and the health chapter of forbidden knowledge by darwin gross. Here's what worked for me.
1. Cut all white refined sugar and white flour from your diet.
2. Cut coffee & regular tea, even decaf, from your diet.
3. Eat bananas, apples and other fruit each day - at least 3. I try to eat 2 bananas and an apple between 9am - 12 each day.
4. Reduce deli meats with perservatives. Eat fish(tuna is ok salmon is better), celery and other vegetables
5. Important!!! Drink 3/4 to a gallon of steam distilled water a day.
6 vitamin/mineral/herbs -
vit c- 1000mg 4x per day
magnesium-500mg 2x per day
fish oils- 3-6-9 3x per day
lecithin- 1000mg 3x per day
hawthorne berry
garlic - 1500mg at lunch
valerian can help you sleep better and it also lowers blood pressure
mushrooms - maitake and ****ake

get a good digital blood pressure monitor
and take your pressure 2-3 times per day. --i also began fasting for 20 -24 hours once each week. Cleaning out the system and putting good things into it has worked for me.
Good luck.

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