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Hi everyone, need some help!!
Last thursday i was at a friends place to smoke weed, just after that i started to feel really weird like strong heartbeat, sweating and shaking! tlod him that im going home! back home i was still the same might be worst!! i have an electronic blood pressure at home whcih also could read heart rate too! ive put it on and it was like 240 over 160 :confused: 158 heart beat per mins !!! i was like what the hell !!! i worked up my flat mate and he told me to relax cause i have panic attack since the beginning of this year... he sais its might be the weed and a panic attack! 15mins later i took my bp again and it reduced to 210/120 heart beat115 then 5mins later its was like 180/100heart beat abt 100 and then back to 130 over 75 heart beat 85 approx!!! then i felt really tired and sleep right away...since that everyday i take my bp and its allways 120 over 65 with a heart beat of 60 to 75!!!
My question is that, do i have very high tension or was it just because i had smoked weed and got a panic attack at the same time??? ive read these past days that very high blood pressure over 200 sys and 110 dia might lethal!!
History, never had hbp in my life, im 28 years old, 83kg and do lots of sport!
Do i need to see a doctor??
Ive seen also on the internet that having a hbp over 200 sys and 110 dia could damage an organ... i feel good but its still triggers me...
any answer is most welcome!
Sorry my english is a bit bad cause im from the island of mauritius and we talk french here :(

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