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[QUOTE=Editor;4627667]Hi Machaon,

Normally I don't have a reaction to alcohol like this.[/QUOTE]

If someone's blood pressure is not raised by the sulfites and nitrates in wine and certain foods, then the rise in blood pressure, the next day, or the same day, after drinking could be the result of an Insulin Resistant or Pre-Diabetes condition.

Another problem in tying a particular food, drink, chemical, substance, irritant, pollen, pollutant, odor, etc., to a rise in blood pressure or an erratic heartbeat, is that sometimes it takes a few triggers before the problems with blood pressure or heart-rate manifest themselves.

There is one thing certain, in my mind, there are actual causes of high blood pressure and erratic heart-rates; and some of the causes are seemingly innocuous. Nonischemic High Blood Pressure problems can be permanently cured for almost everyone through diet, exercise, effective medication and avoiding the "sympathetic" triggers of high blood pressure.

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